Bitcoin Analysis December 15, 2017

BTC/USDBitcoin is relatively flat yet again during the trading session on Thursday, as we are using $16,000 as support. I think that eventually we will get a little bit of a pullback, but that should be a “buy on the dip” type of opportunity. Adding slowly is probably the best advice I can give, as we are clearly starting to lose momentum after the futures market opened.BTC/JPYBitcoin is also


Israeli PM: Bitcoin Could Replace Banks

In a video published on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the operation of traditional banks will eventually become obsolete and could be replaced by Bitcoin. He based his claim on the trustless nature of Blockchain technology and on Bitcoin’s continuous, notable growth this year.In the video, Netanyahu stated confidently that banks will eventually become outmo


Greek Supreme Court Wants to Extradite Vinnik to the US, Final Decision Pending

Greece’s Supreme Court has upheld a US request to extradite alleged former BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik.Reports Wednesday confirm the support of sending the embattled Russian citizen to the US, where he faces money laundering charges.Greece’s justice minister will now decide the ultimate outcome, with Russia and the US vying for custody of Vinnik for several months.The move marks a blow for


Corporate Shareholders in Russia to Vote Via Blockchain

According to local sources, Russia has become one of the first countries to develop an online system for corporate E-voting based on Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technology. The system is designed by DataArt and The National Settlement Depository (NSD), a member of the Moscow Exchange Group.The technology will allow shareholders of publicly traded companies to vote on corporate matters ent


How Will Blockchain Change the Way We Trade Online?

When people ask whether or not the Blockchain will change the ways in which we trade online, they’re grossly underestimating the influence of this revolutionary new technology.There’s no doubt that Blockchain will change the way in which we trade on the financial market, however, with the only question remaining is how this evolution will manifest itself.In this post, we’ll look at this in c


Bitcoin Transaction Fees Keep Doubling Nearly Every Three Months

Bitcoin transaction fees remain a big problem in the cryptocurrency world. It seems there is no real short-term solution to resolve this problem whatsoever. Some network upgrades are in development, but they might take months or even years to come to market. An interesting chart shows how the Bitcoin fees have doubled nearly every three months. These numbers are based on the median average fee, mi

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here Are Today’s Key Levels

Here we go on another day of trading in our bitcoin price efforts and it’s time to get some levels in place that we can use to try and draw a profit from the market if and when things move.Things have slowed down a little in terms of outright runs over the last few days and we’re guessing that this is symptomatic of nothing more than a bit of profit taking on the back of last week’s run.Whet

Launch Your Game Crowdfunding ICO on the Largest Blockchain-Based Platform: Game Machine

There are plenty of challenges in the gaming industry where game designers feel that they are underpaid for their efforts and gamers never seem to earn enough by playing. Over that, the existing platforms charge higher fees for hosting these games. In order to solve this long-standing issue, Game Machine has come up with a decentralized system that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contract

Fresh and Fair: Cryptocommunity Introduces the Xwin CryptoBet

As sports betting occupies the largest market share in the global gambling market and income of bookmakers in 2017 has averaged out to more than 120 billion euro, let’s admit that betting is quite a popular pursuit. Though (or exactly for that reason), conditions for players over decades were constantly getting worse: increasing fees, unfair odds, bans and limits for winning players and, in addi

PR: Game Machine ICO Finds a Way to Make Investors, Gamers and Developers Happy

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.Everyone is a gamer, there is no doubt about it. The time humanity spends in games is enormous.