This Blockchain-Powered Platform Aims to Disrupt the Esport Gambling Industry

Esports wagering is a large — and growing — global industry at the intersection between gambling, technology and entertainment. In their 2017 Global Esports Markets Report, Newzoo found that China and North America will generate $362 million during 2017, or 52 percent of global esports industry's revenue. If the esports industry continues on the same growth trajectory, the global industry


What Lightning Will Look Like: Lightning Labs Has Announced Its User Interface Wallet

Development of the lightning network, thelightningnetwork, the highly-anticipated second-layer Bitcoin protocol for instant microtransactions, continues to inch forward.Lightning Labs, major contributor to the lightning network daemon, lnd, announced its cross-platform Lightning Desktop App last week. The open-source lightning wallet is essentially a user interface (UI) built on top of lnd an


Calvin Ayre: Bitcoin Cash “Closely Resembles the Bitcoin That Sparked the Entire Digital Currency Boom”

Gambling news resource Calvin Ayre have openly declared war on Bitcoin declaring that it’s their opinion that Bitcoin Cash should be considered the true Bitcoin. For them, it seems that BCH holds more in common with Satoshi’s Nakamoto’s original white paper and is therefore deserving of the sort-after tag of “Bitcoin”.With the coming forks and changes, and several other me

Bitcoin Price Watch; Back In The Game

Bitcoin, it seems, is back in the game. The bitcoin price was a little subdued heading into the close of play yesterday as the market took a bit of a corrective turn and traded bitcoin down to the 5200 region early evening. Heading into this morning out of Europe, things picked up a bit and price looked as though it was at the start of a longer-term recovery and a return to the overarching upside

No Tech Expertise Needed for Mining Cryptocurrencies on easyMINE, ICO Underway

Mining is one of the essential operations in the cryptocurrency industry, which also happens to be energy and cost intensive. easyMINE seeks to create a platform that will make it easy for small- to medium-sized entities to mine cryptocurrencies with ease. The aim of the platform is to remove the jargon and technicalities from mining operations. easyMINE aims to create a leveled environment in whi


Goldman Sachs Warns Investors Crypto Is Not Gold

In a recent address, Goldman Sachs has advised clients to beware of cryptocurrency. Instead, the investment banking juggernaut favours precious metals as part of a balanced portfolio:The use of precious metals is not a historical accident – they are still the best long-term store of value out of the known elements.The note issued to investors this week detailed the differences between the two as

Gold Versus Bitcoin, Goldman Sachs Prefers Metal to Crypto

Markets and Prices Bitcoin’s creator patterned his digital commodity money after history’s most famous analog store of value for currencies, gold. Debate rages as to whether bitcoin will overtake gold’s place. Also read: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Latest Exec to Flirt with BitcoinGold Remains Goldman Sachs’ RefugeRecent volat


Wall Street Analyst: Strong Case For Bitcoin Price Achieving $25,000 by 2022

Tom Lee, a highly regarded Wall Street analyst and the co-founder of Fundstrat, believes the Bitcoin price would achieve $25,000 in the next five years, by 2022.Short-Term Price Trend of Bitcoin: At Least $6,000 by Mid-2018In the short-term, by mid-2018, Lee explained that the price of Bitcoin would surpass the $6,000, based on the Metcalfe’s law. “If you build a very simple model valuing Bitc and Unocoin Announce Fork Arrangements

News This week two more exchanges revealed their plans for the upcoming Segwit2x fork this November. The London-based exchange explains that whether the company supports the split or not customers will receive split tokens if the fork takes place. Further, the Indian exchange Unocoin has revealed it will be supporting the chain with the most

Calvin Ayre Declares Bitcoin Cash “The Only Bitcoin”

Technology In a statement addressing the upcoming the bitcoin (BTC) fork that is scheduled for mid-November, Calvin Ayre has stated it’s belief that Bitcoin Cash [Bitcoin (BCC)] is “the only bitcoin.”Also Read: Fork Debate Drops to New Low, Outspoken Developer Lopp’s Home Surrounded by Police“When We Say Bitcoin, We Mean Bitcoin Cash