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Russia: Blogger Who ‘Boasted’ About Crypto Wealth Beaten and Robbed For $425k

A Russian cryptocurrency investor and blogger known online as Pavel Nyashin was attacked and robbed in his home in Leningrad Oblast the night of Jan. 14. The assailants stole funds worth 24 mln rubles ($425,000), according to local media.Nyashin was tied and beaten while a group of masked assailants stole a safe containing cash and “essential documents.”Nyashin, a self-made millionaire from cr

Bitcoin Analysis January 16, 2018

BTC/USDBitcoin markets went back and forth during the trading session on Monday, but then rallied. The market continues to be range bound, and as we are on the bottom half of the consolidation area, we should be looking for buying opportunities. I think that range bound trading continues to be the case for this market, with the $17,000 level being the top.BTC/JPYBitcoin went sideways against the J

Ethereum Analysis January 16, 2018

ETH/USDEthereum markets rallied significantly over the last couple of weeks, but Monday was rather quiet. It looks as if the $1300 level is offering a bit of support, just as the uptrend line just below pricing is. I think that it’s only a matter of time before we reach towards the $1400 level. If we break down below the uptrend line, the market sends this market down to the $1100 level.ETH/BTCE

DASH and Litecoin Analysis

DASHThe dash markets did very little during the day on Friday, as we continue to go back and forth, and it looks likely that we are trying to build enough momentum to go back towards the top of the consolidation range, the $1200 level. If we break down below the $900 level, we should continue to go much lower. However, I think that we are much more likely to simply bounce and continue the overall

DASH and Litecoin Analysis January 15, 2018

DASH/USDDASH continues to drift around, bouncing from the $1000 level on Friday. The market looks a bit limp, and quite frankly I think you can take your time before jumping in with both feet. However, if you are a short-term trader, you may be able to trade back and forth. I think we will probably go looking towards the $1100 level if we get any momentum at all, as it is obvious that there is mas

Ethereum Analysis January 15, 2018

ETH/USDEthereum markets rally during the Friday session, as it looks like we are trying to break above the $1300 level again. With this bounce it looks likely that we will not only reach that level, but perhaps reach towards the fresh, new high. The volume is drifting a bit lower though, so I think that pullbacks will happen. Keep in mind that Monday as Martin Luther King Jr. day in America, so on

Blockchain for Dummies, sorry, for Idiots.

5 reasons why a mainstream blockchain product is the next big thing:All the buzz and noise about Bitcoin in this last year has made me understand one thing: I must start earning in crypto. Maybe some of you readers are big, smart asses and you have your impressive portfolio of investments.But I am in my early 30’s after a divorce that didn’t leave me much, I don’t even have the smallest amou


Interview With John Patrick Mullin: Blockchain is a Global Community

John Patrick Mullin is an investment banker, speaker, writer and a big fintech and edtech enthusiast. Senior research analyst at the Guotai Junan Securities & Finance Institute, John currently focuses on fintech, covering AI/ML, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, P2P lending, etc.In his spare time, he serves as a community partner for the FinTech Connector. He is also advising several Blockchain

Zapit is All Set to Revolutionize the Online Shopping Experience

Zapit is a blockchain based application which reviews products. Currently, it is solely enabled for Amazon products. However, later its horizon is set to widen to include more online marketplaces. Amazon products can be reviewed on the Zapit website, or by installing Zapit plug-in for different browsers. The user can view reviews of the Amazon product he or she is viewing in the browser itself. Al

Japan’s ‘Virtual Currency Girls’ Idol Group Performs First Crypto Educational Concert

Featured Japan’s new female idol group “Virtual Currency Girls” performed their first live concert on Friday in Tokyo. Their songs incorporate reminders, advice, and warnings related to cryptocurrency trading. The girls receive their salaries in bitcoin and the show’s tickets and merchandise are also sold for the cryptocurrency.Also read:&nbs