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PBOC Director Advocates State-Issued Cryptocurrency

Regulation The Director of The People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) Digital Currency Research Institute, Yao Qian, has announced his determination that the issuance of a state-owned digital currency is necessary in order to “fundamentally guarantee the market position of… [China’s] currency”, as reported by Chinese media outlet, Yicai.Also Rea

Nordic Law Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Services A Finland-based law firm, Nordic Law, made an announcement Thursday they would begin accepting bitcoin payments for legal services rendered. Specializing in business and law, the firm recognized their clients’ needs for leveraging alternative forms of payment. Also read: Remittance Startup Bitspark Drops Bitcoin Over Network Fees

Cryptocurrencies Expected to Cause “Massive Disruptions” – IMF Managing Director

News The managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde has again addressed the topic of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. At a recent IMF event, Lagarde told reporters that virtual currencies will comprise the catalyst for “massive disruptions” within the financial markets and fintech industries.Also Read: IMF Chief

Iranian Computer Hardware Company Accepts Bitcoin

Featured Lioncomputer is an Iranian computing hardware company that has been operating since 2013. Yasser Ahmadi of Lioncomputer told news.Bitcoin.com that Lioncomputer has sought to actively engage with the Iranian bitcoin mining community, stating that the company “has supported miners through mining forums and provid[ed] them with the latest min


Blockchain Technology’s Applications in Banking is ‘Infinite’: Credit Suisse Banker James Disney

Credit Suisse bank’s global head of software investment banking, James Disney, addressed the applications of Blockchain technology in the banking industry saying, ‘sky is the limit.’He cited as an example the use of the technology in the processing of private equity transactions using leveraged buyouts financed with debt.In his interview with CNBC’s “Fast Money” in mid-October 2017, Di

Morningstar Japan Starts Ratings Business for Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Services The Japanese subsidiary of Morningstar has launched a new business to provide ratings of digital currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). While there is no law in Japan specifically targeting ICOs, their tokens can be subject to various laws such as securities laws and consumer contract law.Also read: Putin Tells Central Bank Not t

Buy Website Traffic via Bitcoin or PayPal in TrafficBot

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Nepalese Police Arrest Bitcoin Traders Despite Lack of Cryptocurrency Regulation

The Nepalese police have arrested at least seven individuals for allegedly being involved in virtual currency trading activities in the country as of early October 2017. The arrests were made despite the absence of regulations covering the trading of cryptocurrencies in the country.Based on local press reports, the suspected traders were arrested by members of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB


Collapse of Bitcoin Inevitable According to Harvard Economics Professor

Bitcoin's future is undoubtedly tough to predict. The pundits either believe it will go to the moon or collapse. The latest to join the league of those predicting the demise of Bitcoin is Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard University.Who is Kenneth Rogoff?Ken Rogoff is a professor of public policy and economics at Harvard University. He has a distinguished academic background, wit


Kenneth Rogoff: “The Price of Bitcoin Will Collapse”

Former chief economist at the IMF, Kenneth Rogoff, has made public his thoughts on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology generally. In a post published on both the Guardian and Project Syndicate, the Harvard economics and public policy professor expressed his doubt about the future of BTC in a potentially hostile regulatory environment.The long history of currency tells us that what t