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Your wallet, your freedom: Expert Blog

Expert Blog is Cointelegraph’s new series of articles by crypto industry leaders. It covers everything from Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ICO regulation and investment analysis. If you want to become our guest author and get published on Cointelegraph, please send us an email at mike@cointelegraph.com.Before Blockchain technology was invented, there were very few options if you n


A Beginner’s Guide to Claiming Your Bitcoin Gold (and Selling It)

This is a re-write of “A Beginner’s Guide to Claiming Your ‘Bitcoin Cash’ (and Selling It)”. Please note: Everything in this article is just advice based on our best understanding of the current situation.Bitcoin Gold (also referred to as Bgold, and trading under the ticker BTG)launched November 12, 2017. Since the Bitcoin blockchain technically forked on Bitcoin block 491407, anyone who

Trezor Announce Support for Bitcoin Gold But Other Platforms Steer Clear

Featured Hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor have announced support for Bitcoin Gold, making them one of the few major platforms to commit to the fledgling fork. While Trezor integration is good news for BTG, it illustrates the lack of mainstream vendors who’ve pledged to accept the new digital currency.See also:Bitcoin Gold’s Confusing Mainnet L

All You Need to Know About This Whole SegWit vs. SegWit2x Thing, Explained

What is Segregated Witness?Segregated Witness, often abbreviated to SegWit, is a proposed update to the Bitcoin software, designed to fix a range of serious issues.It is developed by its long-standing team. Bitcoin Core is currently the most popular Bitcoin reference client, in use by the majority of the businesses in the industry.Originally, the update was aimed at solving transaction malleabilit


BitGo Engineer: Customers are Saving $100,000 in Bitcoin Fees Due to SegWit

Jameson Lopp, a prominent bitcoin developer and lead engineer at BitGo, revealed that some of the largest customers using bitcoin and blockchain security services of BitGo are saving as much as $100,000 on a monthly basis in transaction fees due to SegWit.Our largest customers who have upgraded to SegWit are saving nearly $100,000 a month in transaction fees.— Jameson Lopp (@lopp) November 9, 20


TREZOR Will Require Users To Split Coins Themselves For SegWit2x Access

Bitcoin hardware wallet TREZOR has said it will allow users access to SegWit2x balances - if they manually split coins themselves.In a long-awaited statement on its position regarding the hard fork, TREZOR said it would issue a step-by-step guide for those users wishing to claim Bitcoin balances on both chains.“To safely split your coins, we will first wait for the chains to diverge significantl

Two Popular Hardware Wallet Firms Reveal Segwit2x Fork Plans

News This week two well-known bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturers, Satoshi Labs (Trezor) and Ledger Wallet, revealed their contingency plans for the pending Segwit2x fork that may take place in nine days. Both companies explain they will support both chains and tethered tokens if there is a split and provide a tool for the splitting process.Also re


TREZOR Model T Hardware Wallet is now Available for Limited Pre-order

There is always a growing demand for Bitcoin hardware wallets. Ledger and TREZOR are the clear market leaders in this regard. It seems we now have a new limited edition hardware wallet by the latter company. Only 4,000 units of the Model T will be created, making it somewhat of a collector’s item. Pre-orders for this wallet are open now and the product should start shipping in January of 2018. I


$7k Bitcoin Traders Gaze At Moon As Analyst Predicts $5k Correction

As Bitcoin hovers around the historic $7,000, talk of retraces is growing, with one analyst predicting an inevitable fall back to $5,000.Despite prices growing at an unprecedented rate this week, the fallout over SegWit2x will trigger a correction “no matter how high” Bitcoin gets, Tone Vays concluded.In amendments to his short-term Bitcoin price outlook versus USD Wednesday, Vays said the “

Bitpay to Suspend All Services During the Segwit2x Hard Fork

Technology With roughly fifteen days left bitcoin-based businesses all around the world have been preparing their users for the possible hardfork expected to take place on or around November 16. Now the world’s largest bitcoin merchant service provider, Bitpay, has revealed its contingency plans for the upcoming Segwit2x hard fork.Also read: T