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Some Major Canadian Banks Still Allow Cryptocurrency Credit Card Transactions

Finance While TD Bank has revised its policies and stopped allowing customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using its credit cards, some major banks in Canada still allow crypto credit card transactions, the banks reportedly confirmed on Friday.Also read: Indians Look to Buy Bitcoin Overseas as Regulations TightenTD Bank Halts Crypto Credit Card


Omise and ETDA Sign MoU to Improve Thailand’s Digital ID Program

Omise, the popular blockchain-oriented company, recently signed a Memorandum of understanding with ETDA. This Thai government agency will collaborate with Omise on building a national eKYC portal. It is the first venture of its kind to become available in Thailand. Both entities will focus on exchanging information, experience, and technical information.This MoU was signed by both parties in Thail


Protect Yourself And Your Cryptocurrency From Real Criminals

Security experts advise on how to keep yourself and your digital coin safe from  thieves that focus on the crypto-wealthy.Criminals targeting cryptocurrency investorsCases of thieves targeting those who have gotten wealthy from the boom in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies are on the rise worldwide. From Phuket, Thailand, to Manhattan to the Ukraine, stories of kidnappings a


7 speakers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand

Cryptocurrency investments, blockchain trends and industry development vectors will be discussed at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference ThailandOn March 6, Bangkok will host a large-scale international conference on blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand. The event will be held at the five-star hotel Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit.Leading experts of t

Bank of Thailand Bans Banks From Cryptocurrency Activities

Regulation The Thai central bank has prohibited financial institutions in the country from five key cryptocurrency activities, including banning customers from buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards.Also read: Japan’s DMM Bitcoin Exchange Opens for Business With 7 CryptocurrenciesBanks Banned From 5 Crypto ActivitiesThe Bank of Thailand (BO

FBI Claims Cyber Crime Syndicate Founder Medvedev Was Worth $800M+ in BTC

News The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has claimed that Sergey Sergeyvich Medvedev, a Russian national recently arrested in Bangkok, was the co-founder and second in command of the Infraud group – a notorious international cyber crime syndicate. It has been reported that at the time of his arrest, Mr. Medvedev was in possession of more than


Thailand: Central Bank Asks All Banks To Avoid Crypto, Pending Regulations

Veerathai Santiprabhob, governor of the central Bank of Thailand, has asked all banks in Thailand to stay away from cryptocurrency, Reuters reported yesterday, Feb. 13.According to Reuters, the central bank released a circular Monday that bans banks in Thailand from investing and trading in crypto, as well as participating in and creating exchanges and platforms for crypto trading.The circular app


No Crypto Ban in Thailand, but Banks Restricted

Whenever a nation decides to investigate or regulate cryptocurrencies the mainstream media jumps on the FUD wagon and reports it as a clampdown. A couple of countries in Southeast Asia have literally cracked down such as communist China and Vietnam but most others still allow citizens to trade freely. This week the central bank in Thailand asked financial institutions in the country not to get inv


Caught Infraud: Thailand Police Seize 100,000 Bitcoins From Darknet Marketplace

Darknet users are in the crosshairs of law enforcement agencies worldwide. That situation is no different in Thailand, where a lot of criminals tend to go on holiday. One of the biggest darknet kingpins has been arrested by a large team of police officers. Sergey Medvedev, the co-founder of Infraud, also had over 100,000 bitcoins seized in the process. It is another big blow to the darknet industr


Ripple Enters Chinese Online Shopping Market

E-commerce is a mammoth industry in China worth an estimated $700 billion in 2017. For Chinese online marketplaces to sell overseas they will need quick, cheap, and convenient payment processing which current banking systems do not provide. Ripple is coming to the rescue with its xCurrent system and an expanding number of new partners in the region.Some of the largest e-commerce platforms in the w