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Despite Warnings China’s Over the Counter Bitcoin Economy Is Booming

News Bitcoin in China has deep roots as a vast majority of mining takes place in the region, and the country once accounted for the lion’s share of the world’s BTC trade volume. These days, however, renminbi and bitcoin volume coming from mainland exchanges is virtually non-existent, but there’s a whole lot more international and undergrou

Provocative advertisement of Universa Blockchain at Times Square, New York

On November 30, Times Square saw a provocative promotion video, depicting a well-known computer game character Pac-Man, eating up the row of dollar, Bitcoin and Etherium signs. The shown video symbolizes the transition to the so called New Money Order, which Universa is striving to achieve. The video has been uploaded to the Universa official YouTube channel on the 1 of December https://youtu.be/S

Bitcoin Gold Clarifies Premine Endowment

The Bitcoin Gold team has offered clarification regarding what was previously a somewhat confusing position on the supplies of Bitcoin Gold after the airdrop. The issue stemmed from the confusion surrounding the meaning of the term ‘pre-mine’, and what the new chain was attempting to do in mining new coins.Clarification came today via the Bitcoin Gold website where a full explanation was given

Altcoin.io Exchange First to Launch GUI Atomic Swap Alpha Wallet

Wallets This week the platform Altcoin.io Exchange has announced the alpha release of the first atomic swap wallet with a working GUI available for public testing. The company’s founder, Andrew Gazdecki, believes the technology has the potential to disrupt every centralized exchange currently used by the cryptocurrency community.Also read: Bit

Blockchain Giant Cashaa Ventures into a Strategic Partnership with Bubblo

Cashaa, the world’s first blockchain based online banking platform has announced its partnership with Bubblo, an AI-powered app to find Top 5 hangout venues in a specific region.A simplified user experience in a legally compliant wayCashaa, a next-generation online banking for billions, seeks to leverage the blockchain industry with its pioneering solution to connect the West and East along with


Quantum Computing and Building Resistance into Proof of Stake

While both mining via Proof of Work (POW) and staking are two of the most popular ways to perform work to earn income, cryptocurrencies are also susceptible to advances in computing, which could undercut the value of the coins by making them much easier and less expensive to mine. The dawn of quantum computers is upon us. And while this causes many to fear the loss of income potential, the truth i

Iranian Computer Hardware Company Accepts Bitcoin

Featured Lioncomputer is an Iranian computing hardware company that has been operating since 2013. Yasser Ahmadi of Lioncomputer told news.Bitcoin.com that Lioncomputer has sought to actively engage with the Iranian bitcoin mining community, stating that the company “has supported miners through mining forums and provid[ed] them with the latest min

Swiss Vocational School Lucerne University Accepts Bitcoin for Tuition

News On October 3 the Swiss public vocational school, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, announced its now accepting bitcoin for class tuition.Also read: An Inside Look at Genesis Block — Hong Kong’s New Cryptocurrency Working-SpaceLucerne University: “Disseminating Knowledge on Cutting-Edge Technologies”This week the vocat

Bitcoin Prices Skyrocket to $7200 on Zimbabwean Exchange During Economic Turmoil

Emerging Markets According to various reports, the African country of Zimbabwe is suffering from severe economic hardships similar to the inflation and currency crisis in Venezuela. Furthermore, demand for bitcoin is skyrocketing as the country’s only exchange is seeing bitcoin trades at US$6150 per BTC at the time of writing.Also Read:Increased So

Calvin Ayre Foundation Asks Crypto Community For Hurricane Aid in Barbuda – Will Match Donations

Crowdfunding Longtime Antiqua and Barbuda resident, Calvin Ayre, wants people to send immediate relief aid to the islands. Hurricane Irma recently plowed over the island system and caused tons of damage. Ayre has been involved in the bitcoin and gaming ecosystem for many years. He implores everyone in the community to bring much-needed dis