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This Week in Bitcoin: Kraken, Korea and a Whole Lotta Crazy

News This week in bitcoin was all about Korea, although every week in bitcoin is all about Korea. Markets dropping? Blame Korea. Markets soaring? Credit Korea. Zero fee trading sends a pointless altcoin pumping? You bet it comes from Korea. While real news, fake news, and news whose legitimacy is a matter of dispute emanated from the east, there were


Bitcoin Halts Week-Long Slide But Battles With Regulatory Pressure

After four days of straight losses from Monday to Thursday, Bitcoin seems to have leveled off somewhat. However, 2018 has not started well as this marks the second week in a row of poor performances.While Bitcoiners have become accustomed to spikes and rallies, this flattening out of the price graph should still be seen as a positive. It comes over news of the South Korean justice minister’

Bank Indonesia: Do Not Sell, Buy, Trade Cryptocurrency

Economy & Regulation Bank Indonesia, Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia’s central bank, has issued perhaps its bluntest statement yet on curbing the use of cryptocurrency, affirming a hardening stance on the popularity of what it refers to as “virtual currency” such as bitcoin. Also read:Ditch University and High Transaction Fees! B

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano: Price Analysis, Jan. 12

The South Korean government has confirmed that it has no plans to ban cryptocurrency trading in the short-term. This is a major relief to the markets, which were reeling under selling pressure.Warren Buffet’s warning that the cryptocurrencies will have a “bad ending” also did not have any noticeable effect on the prices.During the recent decline, instead of being perturbed, many traders saw

Strict Regulations Force South Korean Banks to Stop Servicing Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Regulation Following the inspections of six major banks this week, South Korean regulators have uncovered some inadequate internal controls for handling cryptocurrency exchanges. Given the government’s strict rules, some banks have decided to stop providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges instead of overhauling their systems further to comply


OFFICIAL: No Cryptocurrency Trading Ban in South Korea, Government Says

The Blue House, the executive office and official residence of the South Korean President, has announced that there will be no cryptocurrency trading ban in the short-term.In an official announcement, South Korean government reaffirms there will be NO TRADING BAN for #cryptocurrency market in the short term and NOTHING IS FINALIZED.A petition to fire the head of the Ministry of Justice over the #c


‘Nothing Finalized’: South Korea Gov’t Ministries Diverge Over Crypto Ban Proposal

Conflicting reports today, Jan. 11, have led to confusion after a South Korean minister announced plans of a bill intended to ban cryptocurrency trading in the country.According to Reuters, South Korean officials are working on documentation that will make it illegal to trade virtual currencies on local exchanges.The country’s Justice Minister Park Sang-ki said the decision comes in the wake of


Police Raids South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges; Prompts Panic Sell

Traders in Asia have a huge influence on cryptocurrency markets. So much so that when news comes out of South Korea of police raids on exchanges and a possible all-out crypto ban the markets take a nose dive.Two of the largest exchanges in the country and the rest of the world were raided by police and tax inspectors this week. This is not the first time the government has tried to quash the fervo

Korean Regulators Launch Investigations of Bithumb and Coinone Crypto Exchanges

Regulation The South Korean regulators have started investigating two major cryptocurrency exchanges. The country’s National Tax Service has conducted an on-site investigation of Bithumb and Coinone. In addition, Coinone is also being investigated by the Korean police for allegedly offering illegal gambling services to investors.Also read: Sou

CoinMarketCap Removes South Korea Exchanges, Ripple Market Cap Drops $20 Billion

Highly popular cryptocurrency price tracker CoinMarketCap removed several South Korean exchanges from its listings on Jan. 8, causing a dip in the overall market that particularly affected altcoin Ripple (XRP).The exchanges remove include Bithumb, the world’s second largest exchange in terms of trading volume, along with Coinone and Korbit.CoinMarketCap, which uses data from multiple major globa