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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 01/16/2018 – Complex Head and Shoulders Ready to Break?

Bitcoin Price Key HighlightsBitcoin price is back to testing the support of its descending triangle pattern, which also happens to be the neckline of a complex head and shoulders formation.A break below this $13,000 area could lead to a drop of around $6,000 or the same height as the chart formations.A bounce, on the other hand, could keep the consolidation going.Bitcoin price is making another at

Luno Exchange Bank Account Frozen by Malaysian Tax Officials

Regulation Over the past few weeks, regulators and financial institutions have been reacting to the worldwide popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In another regulatory-related matter, this week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the trading platform Luno had its bank account frozen by the country’s tax officials.Also read:Federal Reserve Chai


China: After Banning Exchanges, Authorities Move To Close ‘Exchange-Like Services’

Chinese authorities are quietly stepping up a crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges to include “market-making” platforms and similar services, according to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg in an article Monday, Jan. 15.As attention focuses on South Korea’s regulatory battle with cryptocurrency trading, Bloomberg reports that across the border, where official crypto-to-fiat exchanges have


Cryptocurrencies Occupying Minds of Banks and Regulators

With the rise of interest that hit its peak in late 2017 surrounding cryptocurrencies, it was only a matter of time before the regulators and their kin got stuck into the cryptocurrency world. Banks, central banks, regulators and other financial institutes are racking their brains about this phenomenon, and how to approach it.Regulators, and by association, those in the financial sector, were caug


NEO reaches record high

There will always be winners and losers in the crypto race, and while most altcoins are still flying high from levels a couple of months ago, some tend to stand out in the crowd. NEO is one of those coins that has remained bullish when the bears have influenced the rest. Last week saw a huge sell off on the back of FUD and fake news out of South Korea. There was no crypto ban in the Southeast Asia

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 01/15/2018 – Still Stuck in a Triangle!

Bitcoin Price Key HighlightsBitcoin price continues to tread sideways and is still hovering around the bottom of its descending triangle on the 4-hour chart.Price looks ready for a bounce off support as a double bottom is forming.Bitcoin has yet to break past the small reversal pattern’s neckline around $14,000 before confirming the climb.Bitcoin price can’t quite seem to gain bullish momentum

This Week in Bitcoin: Kraken, Korea and a Whole Lotta Crazy

News This week in bitcoin was all about Korea, although every week in bitcoin is all about Korea. Markets dropping? Blame Korea. Markets soaring? Credit Korea. Zero fee trading sends a pointless altcoin pumping? You bet it comes from Korea. While real news, fake news, and news whose legitimacy is a matter of dispute emanated from the east, there were

Venezuela Urges 10 Other Countries to Adopt Its Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency

Featured Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has called for 10 other countries to adopt his planned oil-backed cryptocurrency, the petro. This move follows the country’s parliament declaring the issuance of this new currency illegal.Also read: South Korea Urges 23 Countries, EU, and IMF to Collaborate on Curbing Crypto TradingMaduro’s Pro


Bitcoin Halts Week-Long Slide But Battles With Regulatory Pressure

After four days of straight losses from Monday to Thursday, Bitcoin seems to have leveled off somewhat. However, 2018 has not started well as this marks the second week in a row of poor performances.While Bitcoiners have become accustomed to spikes and rallies, this flattening out of the price graph should still be seen as a positive. It comes over news of the South Korean justice minister’

Bank Indonesia: Do Not Sell, Buy, Trade Cryptocurrency

Economy & Regulation Bank Indonesia, Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia’s central bank, has issued perhaps its bluntest statement yet on curbing the use of cryptocurrency, affirming a hardening stance on the popularity of what it refers to as “virtual currency” such as bitcoin. Also read:Ditch University and High Transaction Fees! B