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Governments Using Crypto as a Reason to Spy on Us

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin pioneered the way for cryptocurrencies and has boomed into mainstream consciousness in 2017. Blockchain technology promises liberation from centralized banking, but its anonymous nature also puts it in the sights of government and security agencies.A prime example is the now defunct Silk Road, which was an online marketplace that allowed users to buy and sell e

Buy Bitcoin, Not Real Estate

Op-Ed Real estate is how ordinary people have stored value and ultimately accumulated wealth. Indeed, post World War II societies all but demanded access to credit through politics, and governments responded with in-kind favors to keep power. Compounding of easy, loose money spurred decades of growth in housing construction, materials, land, and requ

Reddit’s /r/btc Reaches 100,000+ Subscribers in a Victory for Censorship Resistance

Featured Decentralization is a tool to attain censorship resistance. The more avenues for debate, the better. Bitcoiners around the world depend on forums such as the popular Reddit.com bulletin board for candid, behind the headlines examination. In a year of striking all-time-highs, the subreddit /r/btc reached 100,000 subscribers this week. Th

World Bitcoin Community Showers the Great Explainer Antonopoulos With Love and $700,000+

Featured Andreas Antonopoulos announced publicly he’d paid down his debt and could finally get to the business of fully participating in the monetary movement he helped cultivate. This, in turn, caused some to remind others about the prudence of getting-in early when it comes to crypto assets. Mr. Antonopoulos further clarified his plight, detailin

White House ”Monitoring The Situation” While Study Shows Illicit Use of Bitcoin Has Dropped

News To aging heads of state and conservative bankers, bitcoin is a tool for criminality. To those in the know, nothing could be further from the truth; most bitcoin transactions are for legitimate purposes. Proving this has always been difficult, but a new study adds weight to this argument. Its key finding? Bitcoin hit peak criminality in 2014 and


Bitcoin Crossed $10K for the First Time: Global Validation or Speculative Bubble?

Bitcoin surpassed $10K yesterday. To many, the event was a mark of Bitcoin’s accomplishments. But yet, others are concerned that bitcoin has become too speculative, and a pop in the bubble could be damaging.  Introduced in 2009, bitcoin sort of flew under most people’s radars for several years, until 2012, when it became associated with Silk Road, the now-defunct dark marketplace. Th


Tim Draper: “This is the greatest technology since the internet’’

Tim Draper has never been shy about his bullishness for Bitcoin. Last month, he expressed in no uncertain terms his believe that BTC was better than fiat currency and back in 2014, he made a then outlandish price prediction for a $10,000 Bitcoin in the next three years.  At a tech conference last week, he reaffirmed his stance on cryptocurrency, reiterating how important a technology he deems

Breaking News: Segwit2x Fork Cancelled

News Mike Belshe has published a blog post indicating that the planned Segwit2x hard fork will not be taking place. The markets have responded dramatically, with the price quickly setting a new all-time high of approximately $7900 USD.Also Read: Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Laundering Money While Prosecuting Ross UlbrichtIt Has B

Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Laundering Money While Prosecuting Ross Ulbricht

Featured A Secret Service agent, key in prosecuting Ross Ulbricht during the infamous Silk Road case, was himself sentenced to prison 7 November 2017 for money laundering crimes while investigating Mr. Ulbricht.  Also read: Ross Ulbricht’s 144,336 BitcoinsCourtesy of Ars Technica.Silk Road Agent Sentenced, Again, to Prison TimeSenior Busi

DRW and Other Firms Embrace High-Frequency Bitcoin Trading

Featured A large Chicago-based proprietary stock trading firm, DRW, has embraced bitcoin trading over stock trading. DRW has pivoted in accordance with shifting trends in the economy and in the fintech sector. Traditional stocks do not move like cryptocurrencies, and the higher volatility of bitcoin markets means larger gains. Other companies have al