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Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Challenges Jamie Dimon to a Boxing Match

Interview This past June news.Bitcoin.com reported on the entrepreneur, Erik Finman, who became a bitcoin millionaire at 18 years old. However, Finman became well known before making his first million when he put $1000 into bitcoin in May of 2011 that later turned out to be a really good investment. Also read: Putin Orders the Issue of


Craig Wright Claims Only Corporations Need to Dictate Mining and Non-mining Nodes Don’t Matter

The concept of mining Bitcoin has always been somewhat controversial. More specifically, there are a lot of conflicting opinions about this concept. There is a high degree of centralization in Bitcoin mining right now. Craig Wright, the self-professed Satoshi Nakamoto, states this was always the plan. Anyone running a non-mining node “is irrelevant|. Another controversial statement that won’t


Matchpool Is Continuing to Build Its Platform After Successful ICO

Social connections used to be with neighbors, at bars and dance clubs, or at work around the water cooler. But these days, social connections have all turned online. Matchmaking apps like Tinder, Bumble and others have grown massively in popularity.In the business world, connections are made with sites like LinkedIn. These sites create a platform for employees to make business links with business

No More Paper Aeroplanes. Aeron brings Aviation Industry to Digital Era

Can blockchain create safer skies? It can take stretching of the imagination for most people to consider if an immutable ledger could create a platform that would ensure transparency in the skies but it is possible according to Aeron. We talked with Artem Orange, the CEO of Aeron, amidst the crowdsale the project is holding so that the project can see the light of the day. Artem is an aviation buf

Russian Government Seeks Cryptocurrency Researchers, Will Pay 2.5 Million Rubles

News The Russian State Duma is holding a tender for a detailed study on the subject of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The government will pay the winner 2.5 million rubles out of the federal budget. The deadline for submissions is October 10.Also read: Bank of Russia Opposes Cryptocurrency Legaliz

Blockchain is the Technology of Now: Interview with Anneliya Garifulina

Model, TV presenter, online celebrity - beautiful Anneliya Garifulina has also been a part of the cryptocurrency community almost from the start.Anneliya moved to Moscow from Taipei two years ago, after having worked on Taiwanese TV and obtaining a sizeable army of fans. Hanging out with friends who work in the IT industry, she has been familiar to the crypto-world since as far back as 2011.Furthe


CHBTC Users Struggle to Withdraw Cryptocurrency and Chinese Yuan

No one will be surprised to learn various Chinese exchanges have issues right now. More specifically, they either will shut down trading or are involved in an ICo investigation. CBVBTC, one of the smaller Chinese exchanges, seemingly has issues with withdrawals right now. Various users complain about not receiving ETH, ETC, and CNY withdrawals over the past few days. This is not good news for the


Chinese Users Ditch WeChat for Telegram to Conduct Bitcoin Trades

No one will be surprised there is still a big interest in Bitcoin as far as China is concerned. More specifically, enthusiasts are no longer using state-sanctioned messaging apps for this activity. Instead, they are now flocking to Telegram, a messaging app providing end-to-end-encryption. Rest assured Chinese users are not done with Bitcoin just yet. Nor should they, as the government should neve

Sloppy Crypto Users Are Loosing Bcash Sending to Bitcoin Wallets

Blockchain A thread on Reddit has revealed that careless cryptocurrency users have been sending Bcash (bitcoin cash) tokens to bitcoin wallet addresses, losing funds in the process. The prevalence of such serves as a warning for cryptocurrency users to exercise caution whenever conducting transfers between wallets.Also Read: Bitcoin.com Ju


First Bitcoin ATM in Malta Doesn’t Dispense BTC to Customers

Bitcoin ATMs are a great tool to introduce the population to cryptocurrency. Malta recently received its first cryptocurrency ATM. Unfortunately, it seems things aren’t going as well as originally expected. After just one month, several issues have arisen. One glitch in particular will eat the customer’s cash and not return any bitcoins. This is a big problem for Gabriel Cretu Torica, who oper