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Russian Economy ”Lost 18 Billion Rubles This Year Due to Lack of ICO Regulation”

Regulation Research has shown that the Russian economy has been deprived of 18 billion (approx $300 million) rubles so far this year due to a lack of initial coin offering (ICO) regulation.Also read: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Plans Updated – New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm Chosen18 Billion Rubles LostHerman Klimenko.The Russian presidential a

Russian Regulators Consider Establishing a ‘Crypto-Detective Agency’

Regulation At a recent State Duma Financial Market Committee meeting, an initiative to create a “crypto-detective agency” in Russia was proposed. This specialized agency will primarily collect all information on Russian companies planning to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) as well as create a registry of them.Also read: Putin Orders th


Sellers of a Notting Hill Mansion in West London Only Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Property investment firm London Wall is selling its six-story stucco-fronted mansion near Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London, England for £17 million. The catch is that the company’s owners will only accept the digital currency Bitcoin as a form of payment, The Standard reports:According to London Wall co-founder Lev Loginov, their aim in accepting only Bitcoin as payment is to pioneer Bit

Russia Becomes the First to Transfer Secondary Metal Market to Blockchain with ReMeChain ICO

The ReMeChain pre-ICO (pre-placement of tokens) is set to begin from September 22, 2017. ReMeChain, an innovative trading platform for sale and purchase of secondary metals uses smart contracts to provide a safe and fast means of conducting transactions. By doing so, it solves the global problems of the industry and acts as a guarantor of transparent transactions.Today, the volume of turnover of s


Whoppercoin, the cryptocurrency that lets Russians 'have it their way'

Sept. 11, 2017by Bradley Cooper and Suzanne CluckeyIf you could use just one word to describe the Russian government's relationship with cryptocurrencies, it would have to be "hostile."Unlike regulatory bodies in other countries that have taken a generally ambivalent stance toward virtual currencies, Russian authorities have actually toyed with the notion of rounding up bitcoin sellers and users

Swarm City Is Now on Blockchain

After a recent hack where over 30 million in ETH were stolen from multiple blockchain projects, one project called Swarm City has started to get some recognition for having its wallet drained of 44k ETH. Mainstream media and lots of other press outlets have now shared the project’s name all over the place. I’d like to take the opportunity to provide more information that I’ve gathered about

Russia Discusses Starting Cryptocurrency Mining With Its 20+ Gigawatt Surplus

Mining Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has revealed that discussions are underway regarding the creation of government centers for cryptocurrency mining, according to local publications.Also read: Russia Prepares to Legalize ICOsGovernment’s Cryptocurrency Mining CentersFirst Deputy Prime Minister Igor ShuvalovThe Ru