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BlackWallet Hacked: Warns Stellar Community Not to Log In to Site

On January 13, an unknown hacker(s) hijacked the DNS server for BlackWallet.co, a web-based wallet for the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency, and redirected it to their own server.Security researcher Kevin Beaumont, who analyzed the code, said, “The DNS hijack of Blackwallet injected code, if you had over 20 Lumens it pushes them to a different wallet.” It is estimated that nearly 700,000 Lumens (

Bittrex’ Delisting Policy Leaves Cryptocurrencies Out in the Cold

Markets and Prices Bittrex’ coin listing and delisting policy has long been a mystery to outsiders, who have struggled to make sense of it. That mystery deepened this week after the exchange announced that it was removing Mysterium, a coin it only added last year and which still had respectable trade volume. Upon news of the delisting, Mysterium an


NEO reaches record high

There will always be winners and losers in the crypto race, and while most altcoins are still flying high from levels a couple of months ago, some tend to stand out in the crowd. NEO is one of those coins that has remained bullish when the bears have influenced the rest. Last week saw a huge sell off on the back of FUD and fake news out of South Korea. There was no crypto ban in the Southeast Asia

Kucoin Issues a Warning After Bitcoin Diamond Soars 40x and Then Crashes

Markets and Prices Ever since the arrival of bitcoin cash, forked coins have been en vogue. While BCH has succeeded in gaining traction, not only on exchanges, but also in the real world, the stragglers have struggled. There is little evidence that the likes of bitcoin gold and bitcoin diamond are used for anything other than speculation. That specul

Japan’s ‘Virtual Currency Girls’ Idol Group Performs First Crypto Educational Concert

Featured Japan’s new female idol group “Virtual Currency Girls” performed their first live concert on Friday in Tokyo. Their songs incorporate reminders, advice, and warnings related to cryptocurrency trading. The girls receive their salaries in bitcoin and the show’s tickets and merchandise are also sold for the cryptocurrency.Also read:&nbs


Kraken Down Nearly 48 Hours, Gives Engineers Time to ‘Rest' Before Resuming Service

fCryptocurrency exchange Kraken is still down nearly 48 hours after the site initiated a system upgrade. Kraken engineers had estimated the downtime would only be two hours. Much like Gilligan’s three-hour cruise that went horribly wrong, Kraken users all over the Internet are raging over the downtime and asking difficult questions.Beset by problemsNearly all digital currency exchanges have face


World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Sees Exponential Growth Despite Market Lows

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume, Binance, continues to see explosive growth in spite of price reductions across the market earlier this week. The company added 240,000 users in just one hour on Wednesday Jan. 10, surpassing all previous growth records.Binance’s record growth this week is taking place in spite of drops across the markets, and negative comments f

Bitstamp Is Asking Users Who Want to Withdraw a Lot of Questions

News Customers of Slovenia’s Bitstamp exchange are being forced to jump through hoops to meet an unprecedented level of compliance. A widely circulated image, purporting to reveal Bitstamp’s enhanced KYC procedure, has been attracting a lot of attention. The document requests screenshots of other cryptocurrency exchange profiles, bank account sta


Assetfun, the next generation of derivatives and price prediction markets

The cryptocurrencies’ underlying Blockchain technology has made a lot of headway in the recent months. With various industry segments realizing the potential of the distributed ledger and decentralized applications built over it, they have started to explore ways to incorporate the technology into their operations. The derivatives trading market is no different.Assetfun is a Blockchain based pla

Malaysia Issues Cease and Desist Order to Copycash ICO

Regulation The Malaysian financial regulator has issued an order to the team behind an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to halt any operations in the country. This is just another example of how authorities in different regions are trying to limit access to ICOs from the investing public under their jurisdictions.Also Read: New Monero Mining Malware Sends