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Gibraltar Paves Way for Regulation of Crypto and DLT Companies

Regulation The Legislature of Gibraltar has approved a bill designed to update the territory’s Financial Services regulations. The bill is expected to pave the way for the territory’s introduction of comprehensive legislation governing the operations of companies working in the distributed ledger and cryptocurrency industries next year.Also Read:


South Korea is Going Crazy Over Bitcoin: Real Mainstream Obsession

Teenagers to middle-aged investors in South Korea are engaging in cryptocurrency trading, investing in bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and a wide array of cryptocurrencies and assets.Government Steps In To Regulate BitcoinIn the beginning of 2017, the South Korean government, local financial authorities, and the ministry of strategy and finance remained neutral to bitcoin and declined to regulate

Israeli Regulator Won’t Allow Bitcoin Firms Be Included in Stock Indices

Regulation While still claiming to want innovative companies to establish themselves under his jurisdiction, the top Israeli regulator today came out against bitcoin-related businesses.   Also read: Gold Mining Company’s Shares Jump 1,300% After Switch to BitcoinBitcoin Not Welcomed on TASESpeaking this morning at the Hi-tech Growth and D

Chronicled blockchain-based temperature logger FDA-approved for supply chain use

Dec. 11, 2017Chronicled Inc., provider of a blockchain-based smart supply chain platform, has announced that its second-generation micro-size temp logging solution has been certified for Title 21 CFR Part 11, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulatory framework for the management and storage of electronic records and signatures.According to a company press release, approval paves the

Litecoin takes off as Bitcoin corrects

Bitcoin has had a wild ride this week, starting out at $11,000 and surging to over $18,200 seven days later. The market has now started to correct and BTC has fallen back to around $13,500 at the time of writing. The massive rush in demand has highlighted a number of inherent flaws in the system. Major exchanges such as Coinbase were overwhelmed with traffic and transactions which brought the site


Financial Inclusion and Efficient Remittance System Can Save Africa From Mediocrity

Blockchain technology is giving Africa the opportunity and platform to stand for herself, especially in the financial technology ecosystem.In a recent speech, while welcoming the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo emphasized that it is the responsibility of Africans to develop their nations by themselves. Akufo-Addo notes that it is not right for African

South Korea Launches Cryptocurrency Task Force to Spearhead Regulations

Regulation South Korea’s government has established a new task force to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading. Taking over the effort from financial regulators, the Ministry of Justice has now been put in charge of the task force to establish and implement cryptocurrency regulations.Also read: Japan Increases Lead – Approves Anot

Azerbaijan Rejects Crypto as Means of Payment

Emerging Markets The chairman of Azerbaijan’s Central Bank (CBA), Elman Rustamov, has described the nation’s position regarding cryptocurrencies as ‘conservative’ according to local reports. Mr. Rustamov stated that the CBA does not recognize cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of payment and that the central bank intends to develop a “l

Israeli Regulator: We Need to Welcome Cryptocurrency to Develop International ICO Hub

Regulation One of the toughest financial regulators in Israel has made some surprisingly positive comments today regarding the acceptance of ICO crowdfunding and cryptocurrency. The outgoing chairman of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) talked about a need to foster the creation of an international financial center based on ICOs. Also read: Repor

Ukrainian Regulators: Bitcoins Cannot Be Recognized as Money, Legal Tender, Currency or Securities

Regulation A joint statement between the Ukrainian central bank and the country’s top financial regulators shows that existing legal concepts do not apply to cryptocurrencies. For example, they cannot be recognized as money, legal tender, currency or securities.Also read: ‘No Regulation Needed’ – Moscow Stock Exchange Plans to Trade Bitc