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Will Decentralized Exchanges Replace Peer-to-Peer Exchanges Completely?

The continuous growth of cryptocurrencies is a journey that has had multiple roadblocks along its way. Not only are technical difficulties bound to happen, but there are also several problems that are exterior to cryptocurrencies themselves, including a lack of clear regulatory guidelines and security issues caused by independent, centralized services.Hacking and regulationDuring the course of thi

Global cryptocurrency with local payment methods

The ability to buy cryptocurrency will usually depend on the exchanges. People in far flung regions, or in highly regulated ones, face rules and regulations that make buying digital currencies difficult.Additionally, buying cryptocurrency is far more like trading stocks and bonds than buying a commodity, another reason why it is less accessible to a large portion of the global population.These con


Qvolta Aiming to Break Exchange Monopoly

Bitcoin’s creation was intended to break the centralized nature of currency and money, however, even though digital currencies are for the most part decentralized, they are still under the influence of the exchanges that they are traded on.Fees, waiting times and identification are all parts of traditional banking that exchanges have brought through to digital currencies. And while this may not