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Cryptospace Moscow 2017: “This is not just a party, this is a historic talent grab…” “We’re bigger than US Steel”

December 8, 2017. More than 55 speakers from 30 countries, more than 3000 participants, 6 sections, 12 hours of speeches and continuous networking. At Cryptospace, the largest blockchain and crypto event of the year, the world’s blockchain celebrities discussed crypto trading instruments, blockchain implementation into business, predicted the price of the bitcoin and chose the best ICO project.&

Fresh and Fair: Cryptocommunity Introduces the Xwin CryptoBet

As sports betting occupies the largest market share in the global gambling market and income of bookmakers in 2017 has averaged out to more than 120 billion euro, let’s admit that betting is quite a popular pursuit. Though (or exactly for that reason), conditions for players over decades were constantly getting worse: increasing fees, unfair odds, bans and limits for winning players and, in addi

Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize the eSports Industry

One of the fastest growing markets in the world is the eSports industry. Assuming the $700 million revenue projection for 2017 holds true, the industry will have seen an annual revenue growth rate of 40%–a truly remarkable feat. What’s more, revenue estimates for 2020 are at an astonishing $1.5 billion, representing a value over ten times the revenue in 2012.However, not everything is rose-col


ICONIC to Establish Link Between Digital Art and Blockchain Technology

2017 has been the year of “crypto” in all senses – the number of ICOs broke all records and, relative to fiat currencies, bitcoin and ethereum have grown drastically over a rather short period of time.New markets, including art, could greatly benefit from the surging wave of blockchain technology, which is why we should evaluate its potential bearing on the industry at the end of this year,

December – A Jam-Packed Month for DS Plus and PlusCoin

2017 has been a great year for the massively successful mobile-marketing application, DS Plus. This year saw the launch of DS Plus’ “crypto-cashback” service, which enables users to make everyday purchases using cryptocurrency. As a result the PlusCoin token, currently being distributed in an initial coin offering, has started to be called the “people’s cryptocurrency.”The ICO has been


Kibo Lotto team announced the distribution of $ 13 million between holders of tokens and platforms

In August, on Kibo’s official blog, Kibo team published detailed report, where they summarized all the work done and shared results of the finished testing of the first version of Kibo Lotto gaming platform, in which more than 1000 token holders participated. The team shared plans for the near future and told about what unsolved issues in Ethereum technology today are constraints to the Kibo lau


Bitcoin Crossed $10K for the First Time: Global Validation or Speculative Bubble?

Bitcoin surpassed $10K yesterday. To many, the event was a mark of Bitcoin’s accomplishments. But yet, others are concerned that bitcoin has become too speculative, and a pop in the bubble could be damaging.  Introduced in 2009, bitcoin sort of flew under most people’s radars for several years, until 2012, when it became associated with Silk Road, the now-defunct dark marketplace. Th


Bithumb: Bitcoin Crosses $10,000 at South Korea’s Largest Exchange

The price of a single Bitcoin at one of the planet’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb, was for the first time ever above $10,000 today. In the early hours of Monday morning (GMT), the price rose to around $10,068. It has since dropped back down below the enormous five-figure psychological milestone on the largest South Korean exchange. At the time of writing, Bithumb have the price list

Spectre Eliminates Fraud With First Broker-less Platform

Cookeville, TN- Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange, shortened to SPECTRE, is different from the other ICO’s that claim to be disrupting the financial market. The platform was created by Neuchatel Ltd whose founders, SPECTRE CEO  Karan “Kay” Khemani and COO Zisis Skoulouds, explicitly designed the platform to be disruptive and innovative. It’s two innovative features, Tokenized Bal

The World’s Worst Named Cryptocurrencies

Altcoins Some people call them cryptocurrencies. Others call them altcoins or alts. But to many they’re known as shitcoins: digital currencies that are like bitcoin but, well, crappier. Sure, they may boast faster transactions and lower fees, but they lack the brand recognition, network effects and catchy name. Without, they were destined to be doo