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When Blockchain Saves Customer Reviews, All of E-commerce Will Prosper

In the climate of click bait, unreliable journalists and “fake news,” it’s something of an unspoken rule that any you should take any opinion with a pinch of salt.Professional review writing industries, as well as aggregates, have arguably been irrevocably tainted by financial interests. They are, after all, companies and as such have been formed with requirements (if not objectives) of crea

Japan’s Largest Bank to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

Finance As bitcoin trading becomes the new mainstream in Japan, leading financial firms are stepping in to offer services to preserve their market share. MUFG, the largest bank in the country, is now planning to launch its own exchange, a pegged cryptocurrency and bitcoin segregated accounts for clients of other exchanges.Also Read: Some UK Mortgage


World Famous Brothel Buying Into Bitcoin?

The Bunny Ranch, which is well known for even those who do not frequent such places thanks to being featured on HBO’s Cathouse show, is mulling over the advantages that could come with offering a Bitcoin payment option.Bitcoin made its name on the dark web because of the anonymity, and other reasons, it brought to the user, helping them buy anything from drugs and weapons, as well as sex and por


When IaaS Meets Blockchain

With data circulation increasing exponentially, a new solution for a more effective and safer storage is necessary. Recent news of faulty widely-used Intel, AMD and ARM chips has sparked growing concerns over cybersecurity and data protection.With costs of having a physical server to store data being often unbearable, the cloud is the solution adopted by an overwhelming majority of businesses. Acc

Discuss Crypto While Promoting Peace – Have Lunch in Paradise with Roger Ver

Promoted CEO of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver, popularly referred to as Bitcoin Jesus for his dogged advocacy of censorship resistant currency, is an oft-sought advisor and speaker for his insights on the ecosystem and its future. He’s auctioning off time to the highest bidder in an effort to support a pro-peace website, Antiwar.com. Also read:Ditch Univer

SGPay All Set to Capture the Growing E-Payments Market in Asia Pacific

Singapore is evolving to become a Smart Nation, bringing new, lucrative opportunities for investors in various sectors. The evolution of electronic payment systems in Singapore presents a great opportunity to expand to a growing and prosperous payment market in Asia. The untapped e-payment market in Singapore allows new payment platforms to thrive successfully, especially those integrating fresh t

Bittrex’ Delisting Policy Leaves Cryptocurrencies Out in the Cold

Markets and Prices Bittrex’ coin listing and delisting policy has long been a mystery to outsiders, who have struggled to make sense of it. That mystery deepened this week after the exchange announced that it was removing Mysterium, a coin it only added last year and which still had respectable trade volume. Upon news of the delisting, Mysterium an

Trading Tip `The Wall´ – Trade Like You’re John McAfee

Featured The cryptocurrency markets have turned into a casino and everyone is a winner, including perhaps the charismatic John McAfee. Following the dramatic bitcoin price rally to $19,891, and subsequent dump to $10,400 (GDAX), bitcoin is now in what is known as a consolidation phase where it will remain until it breaks out from that range. Wha

Whistleblower Details Big Bank’s Plans to Prohibit Employees Owning Bitcoin

Featured This week News.Bitcoin.com carried the breaking story alleging employees of giant Northern European bank Nordea were being forbidden by company policy from owning or trading cryptocurrency. Since publication, a bank employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, forwarded evidence the large institution is indeed going ahead with such plans.Also r


7 More Serial Entrepreneurs, Blockchain and Crypto Experts Join Viola.AI Advisory Board

(From Left to Right: Prakash Somosundram, Kenneth Tan, Alex Haxton, Peter Sin, Caleb Yap, Brian Condenanza, Gautam Seshadri) SINGAPORE, 12 JAN 2018 – The world’s first A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships, Viola.AI sets to revolutionize the current love industry, leveraging on blockchain technology.  With 13-years proven success record in the dating industry, the