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Why Are Bitcoin Futures Trading for Higher Prices than Bitcoin Itself?

In an efficient market, prices in the futures and spot markets tend to converge. Bitcoin futures, however, are trading at a more than 10% premium compared to prices in the spot market.Arbitrage opportunitiesIn an efficient market, arbitrageurs spot price differences and make contra-trades in both markets, netting a profit without taking any risk. In this case, arbitrage traders can sell Bitcoin fu


BitMEX CEO: Bitcoin Futures Will Drastically Increase Volatility

The rollercoaster ride that is Bitcoin has been epitomised in the last few days as the digital currency rocketed to the milestone of $10,000. Instead of bouncing off that target or consolidating, the second stage engine fired up, pushing the currency as high as $19,700 on one exchange. A correction followed, pushing the price down to $13,500 on the GDAX exchange.While the drop made some investors

Parity Calls for Ethereum Hard Fork to Reverse $230 Million Bug

Security Hard forks to reset a cryptocurrency to a previous state can be very contentious, tearing apart communities of supporters into warring factions. Ethereum already underwent such a scenario after the DAO debacle, creating a precedent, and now Parity is asking for a hard fork. Also Read: A Hacker Gained Access to the Bitcoin Gold Windows W


Whales and Killer Whales: Bitcoin’s Big Money Movers

Bitcoin has become unavoidable in really the last few weeks. It has been bubbling under for a while now, in terms of mass appeal and understanding, but its recent wave of adoption has sent it spurting out into mainstreet.However, despite the influx of individuals, the core of Bitcoin users, holders and influencers remains a small, tight-knit community. The early adopters, the technology fanatics a


CBOE: Website Crash Had ‘No Impact’ On Bitcoin Futures Success

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has confirmed its website outages are not disrupting its Bitcoin futures trading.After the exchange launched the pioneering futures on Sunday, its front-end interface crashed almost immediately, apparently due to high traffic volumes, leading to concerns that the launch would fail.However, in a series of Twitter updates, CBOE said that the technical proble

This App is Trying to Predict the Bitcoin Bubble Bursting Using AI

Technology A provocative new app, Bitcoin Bubble Burst, promises to keep its users ahead of what seemingly everyone, at some point, has predicted: the bitcoin apocalypse when prices plummet. Can vaunted artificial intelligence and neural networks produce predictive models useful enough to save fortunes?  Also read: Reddit’s /r/b


Twitter Reacts to CBOE Crash at Launch of Bitcoin Futures

The highly anticipated launch of Bitcoin futures on the CBOE exchange was as fortuitous as one could expect in the world of cryptocurrencies, as the trading platform crashed in the first hour of being open.Having scoffed at cryptocurrency exchanges struggling to meet the massive influx of people trying to enter the market over the past two weeks, mainstream financial institutions caught a glimpse


Chicago Exchange crashed by Bitcoin

The long awaited launch of Chicago Board Options Exchange Bitcoin futures contracts went off with a bang yesterday as the website was knocked offline by a surge in traffic. The first contracts were offered at 18.00 EST on Sunday and an unprecedented demand overwhelmed the exchange.CBOE Tweeted a status update which said “Due to heavy traffic on our website, visitors to cboe.com may find tha

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Value Climbs After Cboe Opens XBT Trading

Markets and Prices Bitcoin’s value has been climbing since the recent opening of Cboe’s futures markets. The spot price of BTC had dipped a good 3 percent an hour prior to Cboe’s Sunday evening trading sessions, but volume immediately spiked at precisely 6 pm ET when the futures trading opened. At the moment bitcoin is hovering around the $15,7


LTC bulls are marauding and as it is, the first take profit level at $155 no longer holds. Concurrently, we are seeing some price recovery in NEM Monero and DASH as they try to move higher with a stochastic buy signal.Of the five alt coins under our consideration, it is IOTA whose volatility remains muted but should there be a close above the wedge where it is moving in, bullish trend might resume