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Malicious Bitmain Website Shows up in Facebook’s Advertisements

Cryptocurrency users have become a prone target for cybercriminals these nefarious individuals often target exchanges and digital wallets. However, it seems there is a malicious social media campaign related to a Bitmain phishing website as well. The site looks and feels like the real deal, but it is clearly a fake. Users need to be aware of these problems and remain vigilant at all times. Cryptoc


Blockchain-Based Communication Platform Aims to Protect Your Personal Messages

The announcement of a Facebook Messenger Kids has parents worried that hackers may know where to find their children online, and access their private messaging content and lives. The controversial app aims to allow kids to ‘safely’ message and video chat with friends and loved ones. By allowing parents to control the Facebook account, they can monitor their children’s IM activity.Underlying


Exclusive: MyEtherWallet Сlaims Hacking Rumors Are ‘Stupid Lie’

Cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) has told Cointelegraph that rumors about it being hacked are “FUD” and “a stupid lie.”In a private message today, Jan. 9, the wallet provider categorically denied accusations circling on social media that hackers had gained access to their DNS, creating a phishing scam to gather login data.The rumors that MEW had been hacked appeared to stem from d


Life Savings Stolen from Second-hand Ledger Hardware Wallet

A man’s life savings disappeared from a Ledger brand Nano hardware wallet after Reddit user moodyrocket purchased the wallet second-hand on eBay. The stolen coins amount to over $34,000.According to posts on Reddit, the seller of the wallet utilized a ‘man in the middle’ attack, inserting his own recovery seed rather than the random seed assigned by the manufacturer. According to the post:

One Week On from the Etherdelta Hack, Funds Are Still Being Stolen

Featured One of the major benefits of decentralized exchanges is that they can’t be hacked – or so the theory went. As Etherdelta’s users found out last week, however, that’s not quite true. After accessing the site’s DNS records and replacing the domain with a sophisticated fake, attackers were able to hoover up hundreds of thousands of do


North Korea Accused of Hacking South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Youbit

Earlier this week, major South Korean Bitcoin exchange Youbit suffered a large-scale security breach that led to the theft of one fifth of user funds.Almost immediately after the hacking attack, Youbit’s parent company Yapian filed for bankruptcy. In an official statement, the Youbit team told its users that 75 percent of their holdings on the Youbit exchange will be accessible and ready for wit


Crypto Exchange EtherDelta Warns Users of “Malicious Attacks”

Yesterday evening, cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta sent out a series of tweets warning its users not to use the site. EtherDelta is reporting that they believe their DNS server has been compromised by a hack, and the unknown assailant has created a duplicate of the exchange’s domain.Their first warning tweet in the series reads:Dear users, we have reason to believe that there had been ma


VALID Makes IDs as Secure as a Swiss Bank Vault and Valuable Too

In the digital age identity is a nightmare. There’s no other way to put. We’ve all been through password hell. We’ve all had alerts on our phones telling us we’ve just requested to change our password when we didn’t or received unsolicited phishing emails trying to get information under false pretenses.There have been solutions offered up to end the pain but none are total solutions.You

Brainwallet: The Bitcoin Wallet That’s All in Your Head

Security If the safety of your bitcoins is keeping you awake at night, perhaps it’s time you considered a more secure solution. Exchanges can be hacked, smartphones can die, and hardware wallets can be lost. For the ultra-paranoid, there’s only one storage option that’s impregnable to all known attack vectors – the brainwallet. If you get it

Over 10,000 People Have Downloaded Fake Cryptocurrency Apps

Security The open web can be a dangerous place for cryptocurrency users. Phishing, trojans, and social engineering all come with the territory, ensuring that even the savviest of bitcoin-holders must remain alert. Within the walled gardens of Apple and Google’s app stores, however, there’s an assumption that if a mobile app has been vetted and do