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Bitcoin Is a New Haven From Hyperinflation for Rich Latin Americans

Economics Latin America has known far more than its fair share of economic troubles over the years. Whether it’s populist revolutions, military coups or some other calamity, the rich in the region always had to think of how to protect their wealth from possible confiscation, hyperinflation or whatever may come. Unlike in the past when they turned t


A wild ride ahead for Bitcoin

This weekend has been a tumultuous one in crypto-land. With Bitcoin bouncing off of an all-time high of just over $18,250, and altcoins surging on Saturday, a different picture was being painted on Sunday. The bears were out in force and BTC lost over $5,000 in just over 48 hours. Volatile does not even come close to describing the current market as most coins are showing red negative numbers yest

PR: Waste to Energy Blockchain 4New Secures Funding for Service to Rival Bitcoin

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.LONDON – 4NEW, the company operating Waste to Energy treatment plants today announced a serie

World Bitcoin Community Showers the Great Explainer Antonopoulos With Love and $700,000+

Featured Andreas Antonopoulos announced publicly he’d paid down his debt and could finally get to the business of fully participating in the monetary movement he helped cultivate. This, in turn, caused some to remind others about the prudence of getting-in early when it comes to crypto assets. Mr. Antonopoulos further clarified his plight, detailin

Azerbaijan Rejects Crypto as Means of Payment

Emerging Markets The chairman of Azerbaijan’s Central Bank (CBA), Elman Rustamov, has described the nation’s position regarding cryptocurrencies as ‘conservative’ according to local reports. Mr. Rustamov stated that the CBA does not recognize cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of payment and that the central bank intends to develop a “l

SimpleFX – The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2017

SimpleFX has recently won the award for the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2017 at the Cryptocurrency World Expo, which took place on 1-2 December 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.SimpleFX Team commented on the trophy:“It`s wonderful that SimpleFX has won the award for the best cryptocurrency trading platform. SimpleFX has been connecting cryptocurrency and Forex environments for 3 years now, allowi


Venezuela Wants to Create its own Version of Bitcoin Called the Petro

Everyone knows Venezuela is not the healthiest country when it comes to finance. After suffering so much hardship, it is evident all traditional solutions won’t suffice. As a result, the government is looking for a new way to bring some more financial stability to this country. Their answer is to create a national digital currency, known as the Petro. An interesting venture that may not necessar

Venezuela Announces the Creation of Oil-Backed National Cryptocurrency – the Petro

News Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro has announced the creation of the country’s national cryptocurrency. It will be called the Petro and will be backed by the nation’s oil, gold, gas, and diamond reserves.Also read: Japan Increases Lead – Approves Another Four New Cryptocurrency ExchangesVenezuela’s National CryptocurrencyVenezu


Facing Hyperinflation, Venezuela to Issue Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency

Venezuela, the country plagued by hyperinflation pressures over the past few years, has announced that it will issue an oil-backed state cryptocurrency called the ‘Petro’ in an attempt to shore up its struggling economy. The announcement comes as a result of the massive adoption of Bitcoin in the nation.The announcement made by President Maduro was met by cheers from the listening crowd, as th

4NEW – Could It Be the Next Bitcoin?

LONDON – Dec 2, 2017 – 4NEW, the company operating Waste to Energy treatment plants today announced a series of groundbreaking developments. 4NEW has successfully secured $30.5 million USD from institutional investors collectively. This enables 4NEW to complete its soft cap requirement facilitating the construction and realization of its first plant in its entirety. The realization of the plan