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UCOT Establishes the Partnership With the Creator of Monero’s RingCT Signature Scheme, Dr. Joseph Liu.

Recently, Renping Liu (CTO of UCOT) and key members of his technical team came to visit Monash Universities cryptocurrency laboratory. This lab, located within the Faculty of Information and Technology, which is being operated by professor Dr. Joseph Liu is currently helping the ecosystem by developing practical Blockchain-based solutions with rigorous security that can, in addition to digital cur

Forget the ‘Internet of Things’ – the ‘Internet of Value’ is On Its Way

Recently, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the widespread use of blockchain technology.Only a few months ago, very few people had even heard of the blockchain or cryptocurrencies.Now it feels like everyone is talking about them. Even some of the most technology-averse people we know have made investments in Bitcoin after witnessing how much attention it was receiving on the news.This has been a ma

Prediction Markets, Explained

What are Prediction Markets?At its core Prediction Markets are Futures Markets. It’s based on a binary event where something either will or won’t happen. In the finance world, participants trade with contracts where the payoff will vary depending on the outcome of a future event. Prediction markets make the result of this future event tradeable.Essentially it’s placing a bet on the prob


Evolving Crypto Technologies To Watch In 2018

The cryptosphere is growing exponentially as enthusiasts across the world are hard at work on improvements and new technologies. Let’s take a look at a few of these techs, and what they could mean for the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2018.1. Off-chain channelsA concept that first saw light in 2015, off-blockchain payment channels make it possible to operate without the blockchain

Betrium, The First Partly-Decentralized Global Betting Exchange Platform Witnesses High Demand as Crowdsale Enters Final Stage

The pre-sale ICO campaign of Betrium, the world’s first decentralized betting exchange platform, is live now, with 9,198,555 Betrium tokens (BTRM) already sold out. The pre-ICO started on January 30, 2018, will end on February 18, 2018. Hence, if you want to participate in the pre-ICO, it’s the high time to go for it.About BetriumBetrium is the platform developed by an intellectual group of en


In This Storm, Be Hopeful; Lightning is on the Horizon

Right after the bitcoin network has cleared up its massive backlog of transactions, we’ve been hit by a huge price correction. However, there is still much to be hopeful about; the development and testing of the Lightning Network is coming along quite nicely.What is the Lightning Network?The LN, put simply, will allow for instantaneous, near fee-less transactions of Bitcoin utilizing an off-chai


Decent.bet’s Big Bet on Blockchain Powered Sportsbook

With the current push for disruptive blockchain solutions among all industries and the obvious fit for gambling segment, the most pressing issue in the gaming industry today has been about how to harness the power of the technology to create a more equitable and fair model for gambling enthusiasts worldwide. Few platforms have been already conceptualized and some even implemented over the last yea


Big Investors Coming: A New Decentralized Exchange Makes Plans to Lure Them All

The Legolas project, founded in France in 2017, is going to launch an innovative cryptocurrency and fiat exchange in Q3 2018. Despite its relatively recent emersion on the Blockchain startups map, the Legolas Exchange has definitely made a splash, having raised over 1,500 BTC (about $15 mln) during its private sale that was closed at the beginning of 2018. Previously, in November 2017, the pr


Is Bitcoin’s Reign as King of Cryptocurrency in Danger?

Regardless of where your allegiances lie in the crypto community, homage should be paid to the original Blockchain solution - Bitcoin. However, it has been 10 long years now since Bitcoin came into being (an eternity in the cryptocurrency space) and things are starting to get away from the King.Bitcoin’s path was forever changed in August 2017 when a new challenger stepped up to the plate amid t


Decent.bet: A Provable Fair Blockchain Based Casino and Sports Betting Platform.

For the first time in decades, we are getting close to experiencing decentralized betting like never before. With Blockchain technology, the promise of an incorruptible digital ledger for online transactions has become a reality. For this reason, the founders of Decent.bet are moving swiftly to capitalize on the “Internet of Tomorrow.” The team behind this project has realized that the betting