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Whitelist alert: Ethereum based ICO with live product in market and Visa/Mastercard processing certification.

ICOs are funded with nothing but a promising whitepaper,a slick website and scores of influencers singing their praises. Some projects are fighting back, demonstrating proof of concept, before receiving a single satoshi.Today we explore an ERC-20 ICO offering, with a live product in market and a relationship with Mexico’s largest domestic bank. Their native cryptocurrency BBI offers to solve som

Multi-Cryptocurrency Software Terminal Gets Alpha Launch

October 17, 2017 : Pioneering payment platform, CopPay, has launched an alpha version of its multi-cryptocurrency software terminal; and is inviting anyone interested – merchants, retailers, and crypto enthusiasts – to sign up for free. Alpha-version is available in the web-interface.By doing so, users can start accepting a number of listed cryptocurrencies as a form of payment; fee-


BitMEX Exchange Joins SegWit2x Opposition, Confirms Zero Support

Mexican Bitcoin exchange BitMEX has said it will not support SegWit2x “even if the SegWit2x chain has the majority hashrate.”In comments markedly different to this week’s other notice from Xapo on the forthcoming hard fork, BitMEX confirmed it would not deal in rival Bitcoin chains under any circumstances.This, it says, is because SegWit2x “does not include two-way transaction replay prote

CopPay: New Kid On The Blockchain

CopPay unlocks cryptocurrency for consumers & merchants worldwide Everyone from hairdressers to hardware manufacturers can now accept blockchain-based money – free from transaction fees CopPay to launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on October 30, 2017October 12, 2017Payment system CopPay, will soon make Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies available for everyone to use; all


Bitcoin Exchanges in Mexico Prepare for new Regulatory Measures

Regulating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a near impossible job. Not just because traditional rules don’t apply, but the lack of centralization makes regulatory measures impossible by default Over in Mexico there are plans in motion to introduce Bitcoin regulation in the near future. Although this idea has been present for several months, nothing tangible was ever presented. That situatio

ETX Capital Deploys Bitcoin CFD Trading for Clients

Finance ETX Capital, A London-based FCA regulated brokerage, just embraced bitcoin. They now offer a full suite of bitcoin services and contracts for their clients. They decided to move into the bitcoin ecosystem as a result of high demand. Their clients were itching to experience exposure to the digital currency, and attempt to capitalize on its upw

Mexico Proposes Legislation to Tame Bitcoin

Regulation Mexican politicians join the growing club of government regulators wishing to get a handle on bitcoin and financial technology.Also read: Bank of Mexico Rejects ‘Virtual Currency’ as Legal Classification for Bitcoin.Mexican financial journalists were taken off guard when a Reuters story by Sheky Espejo claimed to have seen pending legi

Brazil’s Largest Brokerage Creates XP Bitcoin

Emerging Markets Brazil’s XP Investimentos signals its willingness to meet customer demand, filing patent on the brand XP Bitcoin. The move could legitimize bitcoin in the eyes of average Brazilian investors, despite the firm’s previous public protestations and warnings, bringing a Latin American powerhouse to the cryptocurrency marketplace.Folha


ViaBTC Fleeing China's Shores Amid Ban Fears

ViaBTC, a large Chinese cryptocurrency exchange announced its plans to open another platform based outside the mainland of China as they face pressure from the government who have cracked down on exchanges and ICOs.The exchange is urging its customers to withdraw their coins from the platform before Sep. 25 cut off when ViaBTC will stop its domestic service.There has not been an official time for


Bitso Opens Bitcoin Donation Support for Mexico City Earthquake Relief

Whenever a natural disaster takes place, there is a dire need for relief efforts. Although not everyone can send goods over to affected countries, financial support will do the job as well. Rather than donating to organizations who can’t properly allocate funds, using Bitcoin makes a lot more sense. Mexican exchange Bitso has opened up a Bitcoin donation solution. All money will be used to help