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Russian Economy ”Lost 18 Billion Rubles This Year Due to Lack of ICO Regulation”

Regulation Research has shown that the Russian economy has been deprived of 18 billion (approx $300 million) rubles so far this year due to a lack of initial coin offering (ICO) regulation.Also read: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Plans Updated – New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm Chosen18 Billion Rubles LostHerman Klimenko.The Russian presidential a

Russian Regulators Consider Establishing a ‘Crypto-Detective Agency’

Regulation At a recent State Duma Financial Market Committee meeting, an initiative to create a “crypto-detective agency” in Russia was proposed. This specialized agency will primarily collect all information on Russian companies planning to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) as well as create a registry of them.Also read: Putin Orders th

Government Head of IT Department Fired for Mining Bitcoin Using State-Owned Computers in Crimea

Mining Two government officials of the Crimean Council of Ministers were caught mining bitcoin using government computers and were subsequently fired. They reportedly installed “malicious software” on the government’s server and programmed over a dozen computers to mine bitcoin.Also read: Russia Proposes Adding Cryptocurrency to the Popula


Whoppercoin, the cryptocurrency that lets Russians 'have it their way'

Sept. 11, 2017by Bradley Cooper and Suzanne CluckeyIf you could use just one word to describe the Russian government's relationship with cryptocurrencies, it would have to be "hostile."Unlike regulatory bodies in other countries that have taken a generally ambivalent stance toward virtual currencies, Russian authorities have actually toyed with the notion of rounding up bitcoin sellers and users

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Launching Bitcoin Mining with 7nm Chips

Technology Japan’s leading internet conglomerate and bitcoin exchange operator GMO has announced that it is expanding into the businesses of bitcoin mining and chip manufacturing. The company revealed plans to produce and sell 7nm semiconductor chips and run a mining facility in Northern Europe.Also read: GMO Releases Details of Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency Mining is Taking off in Russia Thanks to Dmitry Marinichev

The cryptocurrency situation in Russia has always been quite remarkable. So many changes have been made over the past several months, it becomes difficult to keep track of them. Right now, it appears cryptocurrency mining is all the hype in that part of the world. Dmitry Marinichev is one of the market leaders in this regard. The advisor to President Putin on internet matters has taken a strong li