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China: After Banning Exchanges, Authorities Move To Close ‘Exchange-Like Services’

Chinese authorities are quietly stepping up a crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges to include “market-making” platforms and similar services, according to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg in an article Monday, Jan. 15.As attention focuses on South Korea’s regulatory battle with cryptocurrency trading, Bloomberg reports that across the border, where official crypto-to-fiat exchanges have


Cryptocurrencies Occupying Minds of Banks and Regulators

With the rise of interest that hit its peak in late 2017 surrounding cryptocurrencies, it was only a matter of time before the regulators and their kin got stuck into the cryptocurrency world. Banks, central banks, regulators and other financial institutes are racking their brains about this phenomenon, and how to approach it.Regulators, and by association, those in the financial sector, were caug

This Week in Bitcoin: Kraken, Korea and a Whole Lotta Crazy

News This week in bitcoin was all about Korea, although every week in bitcoin is all about Korea. Markets dropping? Blame Korea. Markets soaring? Credit Korea. Zero fee trading sends a pointless altcoin pumping? You bet it comes from Korea. While real news, fake news, and news whose legitimacy is a matter of dispute emanated from the east, there were

Blockchain for Dummies, sorry, for Idiots.

5 reasons why a mainstream blockchain product is the next big thing:All the buzz and noise about Bitcoin in this last year has made me understand one thing: I must start earning in crypto. Maybe some of you readers are big, smart asses and you have your impressive portfolio of investments.But I am in my early 30’s after a divorce that didn’t leave me much, I don’t even have the smallest amou

Bank Indonesia: Do Not Sell, Buy, Trade Cryptocurrency

Economy & Regulation Bank Indonesia, Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia’s central bank, has issued perhaps its bluntest statement yet on curbing the use of cryptocurrency, affirming a hardening stance on the popularity of what it refers to as “virtual currency” such as bitcoin. Also read:Ditch University and High Transaction Fees! B


KPN Shows Support for NEO by Hosting a Consensus Node in Their Data Center

No one can deny cryptocurrency is about much more than just Bitcoin. That is a positive development, as Bitcoin is not perfect. Nor does it have all of the answers to our problems either. It is a good currency at times, but right now, it’s not in the best of shapes. As a result, mainstream companies are slowly showing an interest in other currencies. KPN, for example, has decided to host a dedic

Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada Launches “Bitcoin Bucket”

Featured Bitcoiners in the past few days have witnessed mainstream media spreading rumors about South Korea’s ban on cryptocurrency. This, as always, caused some panic selling. But hey, don’t be upset. Colonel Sanders is here to spread some fried chicken joy amid the crypto bloodbath. KFC Canada tweeted today they are accepting Bitcoin for the fi

New Year, New Forks: World Bitcoin and Bitcoin Candy Expected Soon

Announcements The fork ofBitcoin Cash sparked a wave of airdrops and bitcoin-related fork projects in 2017. A new project, World Bitcoin (WBTC), is to fork at block 503,888 on or around January 12. Unlike other hard forks introducing new features to overcome Bitcoin’s limitations, WBTC will focus on building a ”global application infrastruct


KFC Canada Introduces ‘Bitcoin Bucket’ Of Chicken Tenders

In the latest example of mainstream crypto adoption as a PR stunt, KFC Canada has introduced a new menu item, the Bitcoin Bucket, that customers can buy exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC).KFC Canada announced their new PR stunt promotion via Twitter on Jan. 11:“Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger lickin’ good chic

KFC Canada Has Started to Accept Bitcoin For Cryptocurrency-Themed Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the beloved US-based fried chicken chain, has started to accept bitcoin from its customers.KFC’s Bitcoin CampaignFor a limited period of time, KFC is selling a bucket of fried chicken for $20 presented in a bitcoin-themed container demonstrating the price of the fried chicken bucket at the time of the sale. For instance, at the time of reporting, $20 is equivalent t