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Render Payment: Revolutionizing High-Risk Merchant Payment Processing

Although the ubiquitous nature of credit and debit card usage throughout the world has revolutionized financial transactions, the glaring reality for many small business owners is that a select few payment processors who dominate the industry have a stranglehold on the flow of money.  Many large merchant account providers will refuse to process transactions for high-risk businesses,

Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency – the Cryptoruble

News Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered the issue of the national cryptocurrency, the “cryptoruble.” The Russian Minister of Communications and Mass Media has revealed some details of this new currency.Also read: Putin Confirms Russia Will Regulate CryptocurrenciesPutin’s Executive OrderNikolay Nikiforov.Russia’s


BREAKING: Russia Issuing ‘CryptoRuble’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially stated that Russia will issue its own ‘CryptoRuble’ at a closed door meeting in Moscow, according to local news sources. The news broke through Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov.According to the official, the state issued cryptocurrency cannot be mined and will be issued and controlled and maintained only by the authorities. The Crypto

Putin Confirms Russia Will Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Regulation Following the meeting with Vladimir Putin, Russian regulators announced that cryptocurrencies will officially be regulated in Russia. The central bank and the finance ministry will now work together to come up with one draft law to provide a basic regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, which is expected by the year’


Crypto Market Is Offered the First Professional Benchmark, Announces ICO

One of the developers of CIV-20 index Oleg Naumovich shared why the cryptocurrency market is in need for a new milestone, who and how makes up the index and how it can be used in practice.Q: Oleg, you are a professional broker with extensive experience of active stock market management. Tell the truth, do you need the crypto market index just to have a common “lighthouse” in the uncommon crypt


Serious Mainstream Bitcoin Adoption is Being Led by Japan

Upon the legalization of bitcoin by the Japanese government earlier this year, some of the largest companies in Japan including the largest electronics retailer Bic Camera and airline Peach have integrated bitcoin and accepted the digital currency as a payment method.This week, Remixpoint, the largest energy company in Japan that is involved with various ventures and energy-related businesses, has

Russia’s Central Bank Instructs Clearinghouse Not to Settle Cryptocurrency Contracts

Regulation The Central Bank of Russia has sent a letter to one of the country’s biggest clearinghouses, instructing them to refuse to clear and settle over-the-counter (OTC) contracts based on cryptocurrencies. The clearinghouse has been named as a partner to multiple initial coin offering (ICO) projects.Also read: Russia Proposes Adding Crypt

Ukraine Cannot Reach Consensus on Cryptocurrency – Central Bank Explains Why

Regulation Ukrainian lawmakers previously said that the legal status of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be determined by last week. However, a unified position has not been reached among regulators. Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), Oleg Churiy, explained why lawmakers cannot reach consensus on cryptocurrency.Also read:&

Russian Regulators Disagree on Crypto Regulation, Postpone to Next Year

Regulation The Russian Deputy Finance Minister told reporters on Tuesday that the authorities decided not to introduce cryptocurrency regulation for now, due to lack of consensus. This followed a day after the head of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets stated that a draft bill on the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoi


Bitcoin Trading Trends Exhibit Positivity amid Regulatory Uncertainities

After the news from China earlier this month, the entire future of cryptocurrency was cast into doubt – albeit briefly. The ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs), followed by news of exchanges shutting down was met by a widespread selloff. Whilst there was already evidence to suggest the beginning of a general correction prior to the September 4th, and 14th announcements, there is no doubting tha