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Centralized Cryptoruble Not Possible, Minister Tells Putin

Blockchain The Russian Ministry of Finance is not against a national cryptocurrency, provided the state does not participate in it. The creation of a centralized coin, like the cryptoruble, seems impossible, as cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized ledgers, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told President Putin, according to Russian media.  

Russian Lawmaker Proposes Legalization of Cryptocurrencies to Attract Investments

Regulation The head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Economic Policy has proposed legalizing cryptocurrencies in order to attract foreign investments including from countries with anti-Russian sanctions.Also read: Indians Look to Buy Bitcoin Overseas as Regulations TightenProposal to Legalize CryptocurrenciesThe chairman of the State Duma

Italy Completes Consultations on Registration of Crypto Companies

Regulation Public consultations on a new regulatory regime for crypto companies in Italy are now closed. Interested parties were invited by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to share suggestions and comments on a draft decree introducing registration and reporting requirements in the sector. The new set of rules will come into force within 3 months

Several States Spearhead Bitcoin Adoption in the U.S.

Economy & Regulation U.S. states with positive attitudes have advanced towards bitcoin legalization – a process that a growing number of elected officials consider inevitable, if not desirable. Numerous crypto-friendly bills have been introduced, and some of them have received approval in committees and houses of state legislatures. One wouldn


Citibank India Bans Both Credit And Debit Cards For Crypto Purchases, Cites ‘Risks’

Citibank India is the latest major bank to ban its customers from using credit cards for purchasing cryptocurrencies, but it has taken the measure one step further by banning the use of debit cards for crypto purchases as well, Quartz India reports today, Feb. 14.Quartz India wrote today that it personally reviewed an email from Citibank India sent to customers on Feb. 13 that said the following:

Japan Cracks Down on Foreign ICO Agency Operating Without License

Regulation The Japanese financial regulator will be issuing its first warning since the legalization of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment in Japan. An overseas initial coin offering agency has reportedly been attracting Japanese investors without a license, repeatedly ignoring the agency’s advice to cease operating in the country.Also read:&n


Blockchain Cannabis Social Network Aims to Put an End to Online Cannabis Censorship

Despite growing calls for legalization across the globe and in the US, many marijuana users and businesses are regularly targeted by large media organizations and subject to discrimination based on outdated and misguided anti-marijuana laws. At Smoke Network we offer a solution for marijuana users and business in the form of a decentralized social network for cannabis users based on our extensive

Law to Legalize Crypto Mining Introduced in Armenia

Economy & Regulation Armenia may soon follow in the footsteps of countries like Belarus in regards to crypto regulation. Newly proposed legislation provides the basis for legalizing and regulating cryptocurrency mining in the country. Tax exemptions and other incentives will be offered to miners. If the draft law is adopted, businesses will be ab


Mexico’s Vicente Fox Invites the Blockchain Community to Join His “Yellow Revolution”

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox was part of a panel discussion at the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on February 5, 2018, and had a number of insights on blockchain technology generally and how Mexico might make use of it to help curtail corruption and rein in the drug trade.While President Fox openly admitted that he doesn’t understand blockchain technology that well at this poin

Ukrainian Law May Separate Mining from Cryptocurrencies

Economy & Regulation Ukrainian legislators should separate the regulation of crypto mining from the legal status of cryptocurrencies. The new approach was proposed by the chairman of an important parliamentary committee who criticized law enforcement agencies for cracking down on crypto miners. Police confiscated mining equipment in a series of r