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US Regulators Debate Whether Bitcoin is Commodity or Security

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission just released a primer on virtual currencies. This guide covers the basics of virtual currencies, the risks associated with them and CFTC's role in regulating them.Daniel Gorfine, CFTC's Chief Innovation Officer, said at the release of the primer.“As people worldwide try to understand and wrap their heads around the virtual currency ecosystem, we though

Unbreachable Privacy through Pristine Transparency — a Paradox

“You got supply and you have the demand. You have the problem and you have the solution. You have the currency of the future.” — Ronald Dacey, “StartUp”Financial market participants and laymen alike — hold onto your hats. //– is awkward, but very poeticTransformative ideas that change the status quo or improve upon existing methods or systems are everywhere. Several digital sparks ha

Industries That Are Nailing Blockchain Already

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing exponential growth throughout 2017. With Ethereum making the jump from $40 to $320 at the time of writing, and Bitcoin shattering previous records with all-time highs, plus eight other cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization over $1 bln, the entire ecosystem has reached a market value of over $170 bln.Image: coinmarketcapWhile the value o


Bitcoin ETF Could Actually Be on Horizon Says Prominent Investing Firm

Bitcoin users had lost hope of having an Bitcoin ETF when the Winklevoss twins' application was rejected. However, the CEO of ARK Investment Management feels that a Bitcoin ETF may only be a year or two away.ETFs matterSome may debate the utility of having a Bitcoin ETF when it would be more profitable to hold Bitcoins instead. By holding Bitcoins directly, you get the benefit of price appreciatio


ICO Goes Extra Mile to Protect Contributors

Ask anyone in the crypto-sphere, and they’ll tell you the hot topic these days is regulation. After a couple of years of ‘wild west’ ICO and cryptocurrency explosion, governments have begun to crack down.Yet, some companies are taking the necessary steps to comply with the SEC regulations, thereby assuring their investors that they are a safe company to support. While this requires more time


Industry Experts Believe Bitcoin Headed to $6,000

There’s an old saying, “Don’t let the fox watch the henhouse.” This may well be true when it comes to crypto-industry insiders and their opinions about the price of Bitcoin. But whether anti-Bitcoin fanatics like it or not, the price is steadily climbing toward the $6,000 mark.Bitcoin liquidity, adoptionWith the price of Bitcoin climbing toward the elusive $6,000, the reason

Canadian Securities Commission Keen to Support Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Regulation The Ontario Securities Commission recently declared that it is “keen to support” cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). In addition to its service to help businesses comply with securities laws, it has established a dedicated team to respond quickly to cryptocurrency offerings.Also read: Canadian Securities Commission Gran


Delaware Judge Throws Out Case Against Blockchain-Based Payment Network Ripple

In an apparent victory for the Blockchain-based payment network Ripple, a Delaware judge ruled in their favor regarding the recent lawsuit over R3 consortium’s wish to force the company to make good on a contract to buy a huge volume of XRP. The news broke via Ripple’s Twitter account:Breaking news! https://t.co/tK0tHPjQ6Z — Ripple (@Ripple) October 13, 2017R3, the ‘Blockchain-inspired’

This Is Digital Gaming’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

MOSCOW—Each year, global gamers spend more than $100 billion USD, and countless hours of gameplay, to purchase and earn digital goods. But what does that sizable investment amount to once they switch to a different game? In most cases, nothing.That’s because there is currently no secure, transparent and liquid platform where gamers can buy, sell and trade their digital goods. Giving gamers a p

Judge’s Decision to Delay Bitlicense Hearing Considered a ‘Positive Step’

Regulation Last April news.Bitcoin.com reported on Theo Chino, the lone bitcoin entrepreneur that’s been fighting the Bitlicense in court for two years. This week during Chino’s case hearing, Judge Carmen Victoria St. George, decided to delay the Bitlicense trial until January 11, 2018, so she can review records used by the previous judge.Also re