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Can BitIndia Become the Paytm of Digital Money in India?

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity in one of the most populous countries in the world, India. The digital currency is backed by the Blockchain technology, which has established itself as the driver and backbone in many fields.Both Bitcoin and Blockchain technology have been around since 2009 when Bitcoin emerged on the world stage and have steadily impacted the financial services industry and how

Latium Offers a New Frontier in Task Management

Whether you’re starting your own business or launching a new event, there are always things to be done.  Creating to-do or task lists are essential in making sure that everything is ready and completed.  The other important factor is making sure that you have the right people doing the right jobs.  However, in today’s fast-paced world, finding the right people can be tricky, and


Bitcoin Tops British Milestone

Bitcoin enthusiasts of Great Britain will have today been pleased to witness the most popular cryptocurrency speed past the exciting but largely trivial milestone of £5,000 – albeit briefly. Coinmarketcap, one of the industry’s favoured price referencing websites, recorded an all-time high for BTC of $6,645.40 earlier on Wednesday. According to currency conversion website XE.com, this equates


Why Big Banks are so Nervous About Bitcoin

There was a time where Bitcoin was not even on the radar, it was a novel idea that was primarily used by thieves and drug dealers on the dark web. Nothing to be afraid of in terms of holding a monopoly on money.However, that same little upstart is now disrupting the system of things; from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ICOs and the ever impressive Blockchain technology. This is now a legitima


Bitcoin Frightens Governments: John McAfee

Cyber security expert and Bitcoin backer John McAfee says the only fear that Bitcoin users can have is that governments will act on their own self-involved fear.The technology pioneer says the only hurdle to Bitcoin is governments trying to stop it, even though they cannot succeed at doing so.Cannot be stoppedBecause of Bitcoin’s disruptive nature, it has captured the imagination of the Internet


GoldMoney Integrates Bitcoin despite Peter Schiff’s Bubble Comments

Peter Schiff, a renowned investor, author, and financial commentator, who has consistently offered baseless condemnation on Bitcoin, has demonstrated why the demand toward Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market can no longer be ignored.On social media platforms, Schiff announced that GoldMoney, the parent company of SchiffGold, his gold businesses acquired in 2014, will be offering Bitcoin brokerag

PR: Bitindia: A Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet for the Streets of India Backed by John McAfee

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.BitIndia will be bringing an open source platform which empowers the users to have secure tran

Chinese Exchange to Launch Platform Based Outside of the Country

News Chinese cryptocurrency exchange ViaBTC has announced its plans to launch a trading platform based outside of China. The decision to establish an overseas-based platform follows announcements that the exchange will shut down operations in mainland China on September 30th.Also Read:Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Executives Allegedly Must Remai

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Makes Cryptic Claims About Crypto-Bans on Twitter

Charlie Lee, the creator of cryptocurrency Litecoin, has taken to Twitter to voice his doubts over the current Chinese crypto-ban rumours.In a series of Tweets from today, the mastermind behind Litecoin claimed to “have a trusted source that says that there’s no truth to China banning mining or network” and that “the FUD is propagated by large manipulators trying to make money shorting. Th

McAfee at Shape The Future; “Pandora’s box has been opened”

Conferences “Pandora’s box has been opened.”John McAfees’ words echoed through the halls of the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong. The several hundreds of us that had gathered together on the 20th September were hanging on to his every word.Also read: Bitcoin Software Wars: Discussions Heat Up as November Hard Fork ApproachesMcAfee had perf