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Blockchain-Based Communication Platform Aims to Protect Your Personal Messages

The announcement of a Facebook Messenger Kids has parents worried that hackers may know where to find their children online, and access their private messaging content and lives. The controversial app aims to allow kids to ‘safely’ message and video chat with friends and loved ones. By allowing parents to control the Facebook account, they can monitor their children’s IM activity.Underlying

Dutch Bank Flustered Over the Amount of Electricity Bitcoin Consumes

Featured Dutch bank ING is flustered over the fact bitcoin consumes so much energy. Recently, the bank released a report saying bitcoin transactions consume as much electricity as a house does in a month. They seem to believe this is problematic, since traditional electronic payment methods do not use near as much energy, according to the bank. They


China’s Midea Group Patents Mining Bitcoin with Household Appliances

It may sound strange to mine Bitcoin with household appliances, to say the least. The Chinese firm Midea Group feels it is an opportunity waiting to be explored. They recently filed a patent for household devices capable of mining Bitcoin.  That is quite an interesting development, although this doesn’t mean such devices will ever be created. Then again, an air conditioning capable of earning B