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Crypto Index Fund Bitwise Delivers 45% Return in First Two Months

Finance These days more players on Wall Street are adopting bitcoin as a new vehicle that can potentially deliver amazing growth opportunities, and traditional investors are reaping the benefits. An index fund operated by Bitwise, for example, has delivered a 45% return in its first two months.Also Read: Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at His Hom


Wyoming Introduces New Bill To Exempt Crypto From Property Taxation

A new tax bill has been introduced in the Wyoming state senate on Feb. 16 that would exempt virtual currencies from state property taxation, and suggests an effective date be provided for the tax exemption implementation.Wyoming Senate Bill 111 was introduced by senators Ogden Driskill, Tara Nethercott, and Chris Rothfuss, along with representatives Tyler Lindholm, David Miller, and Jared Olsen. A

Bitcoin Puzzle Games Are Growing in Popularity

News In many respects, Bitcoin is the ultimate puzzle. Armchair sleuthers have expended countless hours trying to deduce the identity of its pseudonymous creator, and miners have expended countless more trying to puzzle the nonce required to solve each block and claim the 12.5 BTC reward attached. It seems logical that a new wave of puzzle games shou


As Bitcoin Goes Over $10,000, Analyst Makes Big Predictions For 2018

Unrepentant cryptocurrency bull Tom Lee predicts Bitcoin will reach $25,000 in 2018 and $125,000 by 2022.Aggressive Predictions For Bitcoin’s FutureTom Lee was the first major Wall Street analyst to cover Bitcoin and has remained bullish about the cryptocurrency market since. In his latest report, Fundstrat Global advisor’s head of research called for some high numbers in the coming

Are you a Winner of a Jackpot? Learn How Jackpot, An Airdrop of Tokens, Works in the SP8DE ICO

SP8DE is the next-generation, blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that forms a revolutionary protocol for online casinos. Developed on Ourobros, the POS protocol forming Cardano blockchain, SP8DE enables casino operators to develop and execute feature-rich gambling applications with a close-to-zero transaction fee, zero-house edge and auditable fair random numbers.What makes the project interesting

Amon Card: A Crypto Debit Card Powered by AI

You pay for everyday purchases with Crypto, retailers get your money in fiat, The Amon Card takes care of everything in between.Amon’s founders started with a unique idea: To bring crypto spending into people’s daily lives.  A Crypto Debit Card that seamlessly converts your crypto into fiat for an everyday purchase was the need of the hour. A crypto debit card that stored all cryptocurren


Dubai: Gold Trading Company Launches ‘World’s First’ Cold Storage Vault For Crypto

The Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) has given a gold trading company in Dubai the first cryptocurrency trading license in the Middle East, and the company has responded by launching the “world’s first” cold storage vault for crypto, according to a press release on the DMCC’s site.Regal RA DMCC, the company that received the crypto license, is a subsidiary of Regal Assets, which is a

Best Casino Games You Can Play With Bitcoin

Since the birth of online casinos in the 1990s, the global online gambling industry has continued to expand and evolve alongside the internet, smart mobile technology and even payment methods. Bitcoin, for instance, is being accepted at an increasing number of online casinos to the joy of players attracted by the cryptocurrency’s negligible fees, instant payments, and virtual anonymity.That and


Bitcoin’s Rise Is a Risk for Online Casino Sites

Now that the world is truly and utterly captivated by cryptocurrencies, we are experiencing a gold rush the likes of which we haven’t seen since the dotcom era. It’s clear to see that cryptocurrencies aren’t just a flash in the pan, however, their true value is the source of much speculation. How much are they really worth? Does cryptocurrency have intrinsic value or is its real-world value


Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Make Moves to Self Regulate

In response to the minister of finance naming cryptocurrency as illegal tender Indian exchanges have banded together to create a central repository to maintain a real-time database of traders in a bid at self-regulation.Exchanges propose self-regulationWhen Finance Minister Arun Jaintly named cryptocurrency illegal tender in his early February budget speech he se