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Trading Tip `The Wall´ – Drop Tokens That Suffer From Overtokenization

Op-Ed It’s said that 90% of all startups fail, and that we should expect nothing more from ICOs. 10% success rate is still overly optimistic for ICOs, but perhaps not for the reason you may think. You’re probably aware of examples of ICO “founders” who turned out to be a bunch of made up Linkedin-profiles. You’re probably also aware of the


Space Decentral: Using Blockchain Tech to Democratize Space

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking recently called for a concerted effort to launch humans into space saying:“To leave Earth demands a concerted global approach, everyone should join in. We need to rekindle the excitement of the early days of space travel in the ‘60s.”While NASA and Tesla are already well established in the game, Space Decentral, founded by international Space Cooperative, i


A New Platform Introduces Automated Crypto Trading

Investing in cryptocurrency takes time, effort and one mistake can cost you a lot. Kryll.io, a new product, is aiming to become a game changer. The platform, starting its token sales in February, offers intuitive ways to create and execute trading strategies automatically.  The crypto market has remarkable growth and the pressure is high. Held by Cryptense, a full-stack Blockchain company, Kr


“The House Always Wins”: Can Blockchain Make Sports Betting More Predictable?

Expanded legalized sports betting is “inevitable,” believes NBA commissioner Adam Silver. In June 2018 Americans would find out whether his prediction was correct: the US Supreme Court is expected to decide on a case that seeks to overturn a ban on gambling.New Jersey making money movesThe Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), a law passed back in 1992, said any sta

How to Trade Bitcoin in 2018

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of authors/contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph.com. Every investment and trading move involves risk; you should conduct your own research when making a decision.Last year was a stellar one for Bitcoin, as it opened trading at $966 before embarking on a rally that took it to as high as $20,000. Even after


Company Behind $16K Smartphone Raises $110M In ICO

SIRIN Labs, a producer of privacy-focused smartphones, has managed to raise $110 mln in the first 24 hours of its recent token sale, according to a press release published by the team. The substantial response to their campaign is notable against a backdrop of the overall market of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) facing a period of decline.A likely reason for the strong response on the ICO’s f


Bitcoin Bubble Is ‘OK,’ Will Come Back Stronger, NEO Tells Media

Chinese platform NEO’s founder Da Hongfei has said a Bitcoin bubble is “OK” and will come back stronger if it bursts.Speaking in a televised interview on CNBC, Hongfei explained that the overlapping wave of enthusiasm in both Bitcoin and Blockchain was not necessarily a problem.“I would say that there is a bubble in this industry, but would say it’s OK,” he explained on the network’s

Parity Disable Multi-Sig in the Wake of Bug That Nuked $168 Million Ether

Security Parity have concluded their report into the bug which enabled an ethereum hobbyist to break their multi-sig wallet. The incident permanently locked up over half a million ether “as well as additional tokens”, worth at least $168 million in current prices. As a consequence, Parity have temporarily disabled multi-sig functionality.Also rea

Bonding ZAP for Fun and Profit

The biggest hurdle to the mainstream adoption of smart contracts is the oracle problem: the challenge of delivering trusted data to the blockchain. The Zap token (ZAP) is a deft market solution for incentivizing the creation and curation of useful oracles.In order for smart contracts and decentralized applications to operate based on real-world events, there must be a trusted way of conveying the


Launching a Cryptocurrency “Token Generation Event” (aka an ICO)

On October 27, 2017, disruptors in the cryptocurrency field gathered at the San Francisco Ethereal Summit. Sponsored by ConsenSys, the summit provided a diverse mix of panels and workshops that demystified the “initial coin offering” (ICO) or “token generation event.”Side note: Vernacular is key. Referring to a token launch as an ICO is so "September." The process is now ref