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Can Steven Seagal’s Celebrity Power Help Fund B-Rated ICO?

Action star and martial arts master Steven Seagal’s latest role has him playing the part of cryptocurrency spokesman but, can his combination of Hollywood magic and Akito moves save this lost cause?Can This Ageing Action Star Kickstart Bitcoiins SuccessSteven Seagal has weathered over three decades in one of the toughest business there is by sticking to a formula; save the girl, beat the ba


Berkeley to Launch ICO for the Homeless

In Berkeley, California, a rising homeless population has created a very silicon valley response; creating a cryptocurrency fundraiser using Blockchain technology.Berkeley will use Blockchain technology to create affordable housingThe City of Berkeley is preparing to launch an ICO – an initial digital coin offering – which has become a popular tool for tech startups to raise funding. The


Katy Perry Joins Cryptocurrency Celebs Club

Crypto mania has taken the world by storm this year. It is the hot topic from Davos to Da Club with billionaires and rappers getting on board the block train. Celebrities want to be seen to be hip with the latest in tech and gossip. Making the right moves this week was singer Katy Perry who flaunted what could be a new fad in crypto fashion.Crypto claws they have been called. Katy Perry’s nails

Celebrities Could Get A Platform To Take Their Fans To Blockchain

Using Blockchain to interact with fan communities, celebrities can introduce millions of new users to the crypto industry to further drive the adoption of technology. TokenStars, a decentralized platform built on the Blockchain, aims to connect celebrities with fans and advertisers, and it already counts 15 stars onboard.Supported by celebrity advisors such as world football champions Lothar Matth


Culture Shock: Bitcoin a Part of All Walks of Life in 2017

2017 will go down as the biggest year in Bitcoin’s history - with meteoric highs paving the way for the preeminent cryptocurrency bursting into mainstream consciousness.December will forever be remembered for Bitcoin’s massive price correction after hitting the $20,000 milestone, but a lot happened in the lead up to the climactic end of the year.Rewind to January 2017. Bitcoin had just broken

Centra ICO Faces Class Action Lawsuit, Accused of Violating US Securities Laws

Altcoins Centra, an initial coin offering (ICO) noted for having been promoted by Floyd Mayweather, is now facing a class action lawsuit. The ICO is accused of violating securities laws by misrepresenting the cryptocurrency as comprising a utility-based token.Also Read: Trading Bitcoin for an Altcoin Won’t Shield You From the IRS AnymoreThe Su


Birdman Producer Plans MovieCoin

ICOs have been executed for cryptocurrencies with diverse applications - from supporting the cannabis industry (PotCoin) to Trump's election campaign (TrumpCoin). The latest to join the ICO bandwagon is Christopher Woodrow, who has produced movies like the Oscar-winning Birdman and Hacksaw Ridge.MovieCoinThe cryptocurrency Christopher Woodrow plans to create is aptly called "MovieCoin". He aims to


SEC Warns Celebrity-Endorsed Initial Coin Offerings Could Be Illegal

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned that the initial coin offerings (ICO) that were endorsed by celebrities could be illegal. The commission claimed that the personalities who promote token sales could be violating the “anti-touting” laws if they don’t reveal the compensation they received from their endorsements.In a statement that was released by the agency in early


Ghostface Killah Reportedly Backs Crypto Venture

CNBC reports that Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah has co-founded a cryptocurrency firm.Cream Capital announced Wednesday their plans to raise $30 million from their ICO which is due to be held in November. The company’s name was inspired by the 1993 hit for the rap group “C.R.E.A.M” which stands for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”Brett Westbrook, chief executive at Cream Capital


Rock Band Kiss Lead Singer Gene Simmons Says He is Bitcoin Fan

Rock band Kiss lead singer and co-founder Gene Simmons says he is a fan of Bitcoin. He said that he considers the virtual currency mainly as an investment that is very ideal to his wider portfolio of investments.In an interview with The Street, Simmons stated that he is interested in Bitcoin as part of his investment strategy."I am interested in Bitcoin, but only as a piece of the [investment] puz