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Calls for “Legal Bitcoin” in Ukraine, as Natsbank Mulls E-Fiat

Regulation Ukraine, now serious about crypto regulation, is setting up a special working group to oversee the completion of the necessary framework. Dedicated legislation has been making its way through parliament since October. The National Bank is considering plans to emit “e-hryvnias”, while the justice minister says bitcoin is a fact and call

Singapore to Extend Regulatory Mandate Regarding Cryptocurrencies

Regulation The Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore has sought to clarify the nation’s stance on cryptocurrencies with regards to its money laundering laws. Speaking earlier this week, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam emphasized that Singapore’s financial regulator will not distinguish between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.Also Read: Singapor


‘Nothing Finalized’: South Korea Gov’t Ministries Diverge Over Crypto Ban Proposal

Conflicting reports today, Jan. 11, have led to confusion after a South Korean minister announced plans of a bill intended to ban cryptocurrency trading in the country.According to Reuters, South Korean officials are working on documentation that will make it illegal to trade virtual currencies on local exchanges.The country’s Justice Minister Park Sang-ki said the decision comes in the wake of

Malaysia Issues Cease and Desist Order to Copycash ICO

Regulation The Malaysian financial regulator has issued an order to the team behind an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to halt any operations in the country. This is just another example of how authorities in different regions are trying to limit access to ICOs from the investing public under their jurisdictions.Also Read: New Monero Mining Malware Sends


South Korea Tells Two Dozen Countries and the IMF to Regulate Cryptocurrency Trading

We have witnessed dozens of global attempts to regulate cryptocurrencies in recent years. None of these efforts have been positive whatsoever. South Korea now urges other countries, as well as the IMF, to curb cryptocurrency trading. An interesting stance, although it may turn out rather positive for the future of Bitcoin and altcoins. Whether any of the addressed parties will take action, is some

Two More Bitcoin ETF Proposals Withdrawn

Economy & Regulation The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reportedly informed two bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) aspirants their cryptocurrency products lack enough liquidity and are problematic in discovering valuation.Also read:Bitcoin Turns 9 Years OldTwo Firms Withdraw Bitcoin ETF Proposals from SECWall Street’s main regulato

South Korea to Cooperate with China and Japan on Regulation

Regulation South Korean regulators are seeking cooperation with counterparts from Beijing and Tokyo to address cryptocurrency speculation. Six commercial banks have been targeted by Seoul authorities inspecting crypto trading. Korean experience is to help a possible trilateral approach to regulation. Also read:Vietnam Expedites Cryptocurrency Legal F

Japan Approves New Bitcoin Exchange as Adoption Grows and Peers Expand Overseas

News The Japanese financial regulator has approved one more cryptocurrency exchange, making it the 16th exchange to be licensed. As competition intensifies, some local exchanges are branching abroad in search for more volume and liquidity. Meanwhile, more merchants are embracing bitcoin.Also read: Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto

Bitcoin is not about the price, it is about a better society

Bitcoin is not about the price, it is about a better society – a friendly reminder from the Bitcoin Queen of SwitzerlandA lot of people have asked me about Bitcoin recently. Here I would like to share with you my very personal and probably highly subjective view. The first time I bought Bitcoin was back in 2013. It was because I came across something intriguing, something that was making no

Tether Won’t Redeem Americans, Terrorists and Other Bad Actors

Altcoins Living in a country known for having some of the toughest financial regulators in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. While it may deter the more cautious international scammers from targeting you it can also hurt your ability to conduct normal business. American cryptocurrency traders are now facing this situation with Tether.Al