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Ethereum-Based Trading Platform Airswap Working with Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz, former hedge-fund manager at Fortress, will advise on new token-exchange platform AirSwap. Based on the Ethereum network, the project aims to provide users a digital coin swapping service. The idea to is to match buyers and sellers in a model similar to CraigsList, or GumTree in the UK. Novogratz told CNBC that he was:… fascinated to see the next wave of innovation in decent


300 ETH worth of DIGI Bonus – a Token Sale worth Contributing

DIGI, a blockchain based platform for digital goods and services are giving away 300 ETH worth of DIGI Tokens to 4 lucky contributors of their initial coin offering. It is extremely simple to enter, all you have to do is contribute more than 1 ETH during the token sale and you will be automatically entered. Randomly selected contributors will be chosen at the end of the token sale and awarded with


The Blockchain startup Dentacoin announced another key partnership with a German-based manufacturer

Nowadays, it is an undeniable fact that the Impact of the Blockchain technology goes far beyond financial services. As startups in different sectors use blockchain to drive greater transparency, veracity and automation across the digital information ecosystem, they’re boosting awareness of the technology in sectors ranging from payments to dentistry. Yes, you read it right. It is looking as thou

Faisal Ghaffar, Founder of DIGI Token Talks About the Platform on NewsBTC

DIGI Token is one of the prominent cryptocurrency platforms at the moment, trying to create an entire ecosystem including a revolutionary marketplace for the digital goods segment. We, at NewsBTC caught up with the founder of DIGI Platform — Faisal Ghaffar to know a bit more about what they have set out to achieve. We threw a set of questions at him, and Ghaffar’s response to those questions a


DIGI ready to reform the multi-billion dollar Digital Goods Industry

The DIGI Token sale is coming to an end and the team is looking to raise enough funding to get their project off the ground. In many cases, this has been a very under hyped ICO but the team has strong visions for the future of their Blockchain based platform and Token. DIGI is an upcoming Blockchain service for digital goods and services looking to disrupt this multi-billion dollar industry.

Japan Emerges as the World’s Foremost Hotbed of Bitcoin Trading

Economics Japan has emerged as the largest market for bitcoin trading by volume. This represents a shift from the market dominance controlled by China as a result of the Chinese government blanket banning exchange platforms. Japan, along with South Korea to some extent, now represent major hubs of crypto-finance across the globe. Also read: 

Blockchain Platform KICKICO Revolutionizing Fundraising Announces the Trade of KICK Tokens on Cryptocurrency Exchange EXMO From October 15

Moscow, October 10. KICKICO, the blockchain startup revolutionizing the crowdfunding industry, announces the trade of KICK Tokens on EXMO, one of Russia’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges where KICK will be the first Ethereum-based token to trade. By now, multiple cryptocurrency exchanges have identified the large demand of KICK tokens. On October 1, the Ethereum-based decentralized exchang

Taiwan’s FSC Chairman Opposes Heavy-Handed Cryptocurrency Regulations

Regulation Wellington Koo, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) chairman, today expressed his desire for Taiwan to emulate Japan’s cryptocurrency regulations, also suggesting that he does not wish to adopt a heavy-handed legislative approach to ICOs. The statements have been made in the lead up to Taiwan’s “Financial Innovation Experiment


Aleksandr Vinnik to Be Extradited over Cyber-Crimes

Earlier today, a court in Thessaloniki, Greece, approved an extradition request against Aleksandr Vinnik made by the US. The 38-year-old Russian stands accused of using the BTC-e exchange platform to launder money, as well as operating it without a license.Immediately following the ruling, the defence team filed an appeal. Vinnik’s attorney explained to RT reporters:Firstly, no evidence has been


Paradex Aims to Facilitate Peer-to-peer In-Wallet ERC20 Token Trading

The 0x protocol will surprise a lot of people in the coming months. Thanks to its focus on ERC20 token trading, any platform can use this protocol moving forward. Paradex is one of those exchanges taking full advantage of what 0x has to offer in its current form. This new P2P ERC20 exchange will launch very soon.More specifically, it will seemingly focus on off-chain trading, which is rather surpr