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Blockchain’s Vertical Takeoff As Flying Cars Become Reality

You remember the pictures of techy, geeky, out-of-this worldly future in any sci-fi movie like ‘The Fifth Element’ to date: tall buildings, strange clothes, and, of course, flying cars running invisible highways stacking up all the way to the endless sky.And I am most sure you’d say: “That’s too far ahead to think about now.”It took decades for people to invent prototype self-tying Nik


Smart Dubai Office Wins Top Honors At Smart Cities Expo

The Smart Dubai Office (SDO) group has won top honors at the Smart Cities Expo and World Congress in Barcelona, receiving the City Project Award from among 308 other teams for their Dubai Blockchain Strategy.The innovative Blockchain technology system is designed to allow the Dubai government to create a complete system so that all government transactions will take place on encrypte

A Closer Look at How Three of the Biggest Scamcoins Lure Its Investors

Op-Ed Run-ups of the kind bitcoin is having in price and valuation make fertile ground for scams. Scams are valuable and very teachable moments. Skin in the game, by having plunked hard-earned cash down to see a return on investment, means vigilance and due diligence are musts.   Also read: GAW/Paycoin CEO Josh Garza Held Liable for $9

Turkish Central Bank President: “Cryptocurrencies May Contribute to Financial Stability”

News Bitcoin is trending in Turkey, and the country’s central bank officials are starting to notice. This week President Murat Cetinkaya of the Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT) said the financial institution is monitoring bitcoin closely, and spoke optimistically about digital currencies.Also Read: Luxury Dubai High Rise Apartments Will Be Sold f


Blockchain is Enabling the Decentralization of the Energy Sector

The blockchain is becoming popular and useful not only in fintech and related industries. Decentralized and distributed ledgers are also now being used in ensuring security and fair trade in industries like energy, which now enables communities to achieve better energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and even the potential to earn from their real properties/assets.Individual power generators

UAE-Based Investors Reveal Outlook for Bitcoin Markets

Technology Gulf News has published an interview it conducted with a number of UAE-based bitcoin investors. The interview reveals insight into the diverse avenues through which the investors entered the bitcoin markets, discusses what risks are perceived to be associated with bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments, and explores the expectations of inv

SilentNotary for Real Estate and Other Smart Legal Documentation Needs

Technology developments in the recent days have made data falsification and misinterpretation an easy act. To foster change in the world and encourage timesaving and swift decision-making, SilentNotary has the perfect solution. The sophisticated digital notary allows users to record and save documents as legal documents, using blockchain technology.SilentNotary lets users review recorded files thr

Bitcoin Goes UK Chic, Juliettes Interiors First Luxury Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency

Featured Juliettes Interiors, a London-based luxury retailer in the United Kingdom (UK), announced it will accept the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Juliette Thomas, the company’s founder and Director, forecasts, “I realise we stand alone in our sector at the moment but, within 18 months, I think [bitcoin] will be a part of every


5 Cities That Let You Buy Real Estate with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a next-gen, all-digital currency that’s already a global phenomenon.Developed with high levels of security and anonymity in mind, it’s touted as a potential replacement for paper- and coin-based money in the near future.Some industries, including real estate, are capitalizing on this emerging trend by letting clients buy property via Bitcoin. It’s a significant departure from trad

Universa Takes to the Skies

Universa has joined the Blockchain.aero consortium that unites manufacturers, service providers, and software developers working to make mass urban aviation a reality. Rapid advancements in engineering allow for a completely new type of aircraft and infrastructure, but manufacturers don’t have to limit themselves to simply selling the product. By employing blockchain technology along with the sh