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Tokenized Equities Will Boost Market Confidence For Both Issuers and Investors

Small to medium-sized businesses play an important role in the economic development of a country. Their role in terms of production, employment generation, contribution to exports and facilitating equitable distribution of income is very critical. They also supply essential products for mass consumption and exports.Banks hardly give loansDespite the importance of this sector to the economic life o

Viabtc Announces New Cryptocurrency Exchange With Bitcoin Cash as Base Currency

Economics The mining pool Viabtc has announced that it will launch a new cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. The exchange, Coinex, will exclusively host cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency markets and will use Bitcoin Cash as its base trading pair.Also Read: Three Times as Much Bitcoin Cash Has Been Claimed as Bitcoin GoldBitcoin C

A Bitcoin User’s Guide to Claiming Forked Coins

Altcoins Like it or not, forking bitcoin has become an efficient approach for blockchain teams to receive quick money. How many forks will we have? How do we receive these free airdrops?Also Read: This Bulgarian Business School Offers Bitcoin ScholarshipsTake a Glimpse at Forked Coins Already ExistingBitcoin Cash (BCH), the first bitcoin fo


Tokenized Equities Will Ensure Long-Term Value for Investors

Traditional methods of fundraising are plagued with a challenges that makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with fierce competition within the ecosystem. This is even more true for startups. Regulatory preferences, the reluctance of banks and financial institutions to issue loans and the difficulty in convincing independent investors are some of the factors that make it difficult for busine


Bitcoin Mempool Fills up Again Despite a Rise in Hashrate

Not a week goes by without some Bitcoin mempool drama these days. Every week or so, the number of unconfirmed transactions rises. In most cases, that is a big problem, yet the matter usually gets resolved pretty quickly. In this particular case, however, over 136,000 transactions are pending. This is an unusual development considering the network hashrate has increased instead of decreased. Having


Getting Paid to Browse Internet Made Possible by Blockchain

It's in the name: cryptocurrency is mainly about privacy of data, and decentralized money systems raise a lot of issues about keeping transactions safe and private. High profile incidents such as Mt. Gox’s collapse and authorities tracking/seizing crypto savings of private individuals have highlighted this. While these negatives about digital currency are often the things that hit the headlines,

Bitfinex Slaps a Lawsuit on Its Nemesis as the Tether Squabble Gets Ugly

Featured Bitfinex has come out fighting after weeks of being on the backfoot. The bitcoin exchange, which has parried stinging accusations from the anonymous critic Bitfinex’ed, has had enough and called in the high-priced lawyers. Steptoe & Johnson is the company tasked with tracking down anyone perceived to have libeled the Hong Kong-based ex

Bitcoin Cash Network Status: Transactions On the Rise

News The Bitcoin Cash network is trucking along as the blockchain is currently finishing up its fourth month of existence. As more adoption and infrastructure support has been added to the BCH network over the past few months, many bitcoin cash supporters are optimistic about the cryptocurrency’s future.Also read: How to Protect Your Bitcoin a


Infamous Discarded Hard Drive Holding 7,500 Bitcoins Would be Worth $80 Million Today

During the summer of 2013, while cleaning out his desk, a Welsh man named James Howells threw away a hard drive from his broken Dell Laptop.Unfortunately, he realized several months later that the drive held 7,500 Bitcoin mined back in 2009. At the time, with Bitcoin approaching and finally just exceeding $1,000 in price, the scrapped hard drive would have been worth over $7 mln.The story created

Veritas Mining Token Holders to Break Even Within 6 Months.

Cryptocurrency mining is not as lucrative as it used to be. It is mainly due to the increasing difficulty levels and the need for dedicated, more powerful hardware. Having realized that, miners are moving away from individual mining (self-mining) and shared coming together to pool their resources to mine on a large-scale basis. The profitability of such an operation is much higher than that of sel