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Litecoin Cash Lifts Off on First Day of Trading

When forks occur, which is quite often in crypto land, the original one tends to have a good run up. This is largely due to the promise of free equivalent tokens from the new fork to holders of the original. Traders want to get in both for the price boost of the first coin, and the added bonus of free crypto, whatever it is worth at the time.When Litecoin hard forked on Sunday at block 1371111 Lit

The Marketing Ploys of Clones: Another Project Aims to Create a ‘Perfect Bitcoin’

News This week another bitcoin-based clone is coming called ‘Bitcoin Atom,’ a project that joins the myriad of other BTC copycats that have allegedly copied the protocol since late 2017. According to the team, the BCA network will launch when the bitcoin core network processes block 505,888 or roughly around January 24.Also read: South Korea

Autopsy of the Bitconnect Implosion: Ponzi, Centralization, Governance

Featured Ponzi lending smart bot scam Bitconnect finally did what most sane observers predicted long, long ago. It went splat. And it didn’t collapse due to government pressure, nor flurries of bad press, and certainly not from DDoS hacking attacks. The story is more of a ballad, a great object lesson, and it is the lie proving a greater truth: coi

Jimmy Song Uses Andreas Antonopoulos Model, Open Sources Forthcoming Book

Featured Jimmy Song, well-known bitcoin core developer, has embarked on writing a book for technical publisher O’Reilly. Programming Bitcoin is different with respect to not only the subject matter but also the way it is being constructed. Using the successful model outlined by world renowned educator Andreas Antonopoulos, he will expose each chapt

Cryptocurrency Influencers Accused of Aiding Pump and Dumps

Markets and Prices Social media influencers are marketing manna, coveted for their highly engaged audience who hang on their every word. Sites such as Tomoson and Meltwater link brands with influencers who are eager to spread the word – for a fee. In the cryptocurrency space, however, where influential figures can send coins soaring via a single tw


PR: 300E Holdings a Long Term Blockchain Investment Fund Announces Spartan Decentralized Exchange

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.In contrast to a number of hedge funds that has attracted investment in 2017 to time the market


Avoiding Paralysis: Comparative Analysis of Community Governance in Digital Currencies

Since there are no central authorities when it comes to cryptocurrency projects, decision making sometimes becomes very challenging. Most of the time the direction of the network is left in the hands of a few people, such as the project’s core development team.Bitcoin is the classic example of a network that’s so decentralized as to make governance difficult. Even worse, numerous power-centers

Innovative cloud mining with the HashHive project and its ongoing ICO

Cloud mining is the process of extracting of cryptocurrency, using a remote data center. Using services that provide cloud mining will allow you to receive income without significant investment, in contrast to traditional mining, since the cryptocurrency is extracted on the company equipment that is installed remotely. However, how to choose such a service among many others, with the help of which

Altcoin.io Exchange First to Launch GUI Atomic Swap Alpha Wallet

Wallets This week the platform Altcoin.io Exchange has announced the alpha release of the first atomic swap wallet with a working GUI available for public testing. The company’s founder, Andrew Gazdecki, believes the technology has the potential to disrupt every centralized exchange currently used by the cryptocurrency community.Also read: Bit

This Developer is Bringing Atomic Swaps to the Bitcoin Cash Network

Technology Atomic swaps between blockchains have become a hot topic that has sparked a lot of interest due to the decentralized nature of the exchange process. This week a developer that goes by the name of “Deswurstes” or “MCCCS” has accomplished a successful bitcoin cash atomic swap test.Also Read: Uruguay to Launch Digital Currency,