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As it happened: The World’s Biggest Bitcoin Party on a Cruise

A man out of nowhere jokes, “Look at this Bitcoin Titanic.”A few in the queue, who could make out the meaning of the pun, laughs uncontrollably while admiring a colossal cruise before them for its unmatched beauty with their iPhones out.The check-in queue moves slowly as usual, but the conversation about the Bitcoin’s meteoric rise keep everybody occupied. The people are meeting for the very

Bitcoin Gold: A Case Study on the Cryptocurrency Security Problem

Op-Ed This is an Op-ed article written by Arseny Reutov. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support views, opinions or conclusions drawn in this post.In late October, Bitcoin Gold forked from Bitcoin as a new cryptocurrency, and immediately became the victim of a Distributed Denial of Servi

Extreme Cold Storage: A Fortress of Solitude for Bitcoins

Security Many bitcoin investors use hardware devices, paper wallets, and multi-signature solutions to keep their wealth safe from online threats such as hackers and malicious viruses. However, there are more extreme cold storage options for those who have lots of bitcoins, like $100,000 worth of BTC or more. One such process, a method called the Glac