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PR: Secure Identity Ledger Corporation Goes Direct to Consumer with Initial Coin Offering: New Blockchain Platform to Put Consumers in Control of Their Online Identities

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.FALLS CHURCH, Va., /PRNewswire/ — Secure Identity Ledger Corporation (SILC) ℠, the first di

HERO’s ICO Will Literally Bring Down The ‘House’

VIENNA, AUSTRIA — herosphere, the developer of the popular online esports prediction platform, has developed a cryptocurrency, HERO (https://www.herocoin.io/). The company issued the ethereum based HEROcoin on September 14th, which participants will use to predict the outcome of a variety of events and compete against friends for winnings. The decentralized coin puts con


BitFlyer Launches Visa Powered Prepaid Bitcoin Card

Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange, bitFlyer, have announced that they will launch a Bitcoin debit card powered by Visa. This development will bring the ever-growing Japanese crypto market closer to being able to use Bitcoin at a variety of locations accepting Visa cards.According to bitFlyer, the cards will facilitate the spending of crypto at “more than 40 million merchants in more than 200 co


Crypto Market Is Offered the First Professional Benchmark, Announces ICO

One of the developers of CIV-20 index Oleg Naumovich shared why the cryptocurrency market is in need for a new milestone, who and how makes up the index and how it can be used in practice.Q: Oleg, you are a professional broker with extensive experience of active stock market management. Tell the truth, do you need the crypto market index just to have a common “lighthouse” in the uncommon crypt


Russian Ministry of Finance Proposes Inclusion of Cryptocurrency in the Government’s Financial Literacy Strategy

Russia’s Ministry of Finance has proposed the inclusion of digital currency to the country’s financial literacy strategy for 2017-2023. The strategy was jointly developed by the government and the World Bank, TASS reports.In his statement broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24,” Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov explained that the inclusion of the topic of virtual currency is necessary to


Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Moiseev Claims Bitcoin Payments Will be Banned Shortly

Not a week goes by without conflicting reports regarding Russia’s stance on cryptocurrency. The most recent statement by deputy finance minister Alexey Moiseev has the community riled up again. More specifically, he claims cryptocurrency payments will be prohibited in the country soon. That seems a bit strange, considering the country is warming up to Bitcoin. Moreover, some of the nation’s la

Calling Top Traders- Coindash Looking for Smart Strategies with #MoonTrader Campaign

Every crypto trader is looking for the same thing. It doesn’t matter if they are just getting started and own just a small amount of an individual coin, or if they are more experienced and hold a bunch of different coins and tokens or use multiple wallets. Eventually, every trader wants to make money.Of course, this is easier said than done. The token space is still young and changing rapidly, w

Russian Government Seeks Cryptocurrency Researchers, Will Pay 2.5 Million Rubles

News The Russian State Duma is holding a tender for a detailed study on the subject of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The government will pay the winner 2.5 million rubles out of the federal budget. The deadline for submissions is October 10.Also read: Bank of Russia Opposes Cryptocurrency Legaliz

Skrilla – Esports Daily Fantasy Platform Launching a Crypto-Token to Deliver Blockchain Benefits

Skrilla is a licensed, fully regulated, global esports wagering platform. Skrilla is a collaboration between two leading technology firms, Puntaa and the GAMURS Group. Puntaa is the founder of the world’s first licensed peer-to-peer (P2P) social betting platform, while the GAMURS Group is the leading international esports media network.Skrilla has released a skill-based Daily Fantasy Esports pla


Bitwala Backs out of SegWit2x Agreement to put Customers First

The SegWit2x scaling proposal sparks many debates among Bitcoin enthusiasts. A growing part of the community wants nothing to do with this New York Agreement whatsoever. Last week, F2Pool already backed out of supporting this upcoming hard fork in November. Bitwala has now done the same, as they strive to put customers first. Slowly but surely, this agreement is falling apart. The future doesn’t