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Choose: All Bitcoin, or New Zealand

As Bitcoin continues to grow and grow, people try to quantify where it stands in relation to other markets, companies, people, and even countries. As it stands today, Bitcoin is worth more than the GDP of New Zealand.Of course, this makes it sound like a dangerously huge entity, and also makes it sound like it is inflating to a bubble-pop point, but with all these comparisons; from the Queen, to W


ICONIC to Establish Link Between Digital Art and Blockchain Technology

2017 has been the year of “crypto” in all senses – the number of ICOs broke all records and, relative to fiat currencies, bitcoin and ethereum have grown drastically over a rather short period of time.New markets, including art, could greatly benefit from the surging wave of blockchain technology, which is why we should evaluate its potential bearing on the industry at the end of this year,

Bitcoin Mining Uses More Power Than Most African Countries

Mining is the lifeblood of Bitcoin but like any industry, it consumes power to unlock the precious virtual currency.There are massive mining operations around the world and they are bound to be more popping up in the next few years as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue their path into mainstream acceptance.As it stands, Bitcoin mining is a lucrative operation. With the price over $11,000,

Coinbase Reveals SegWit Integration, Developers Working On Bitcoin Infrastructure

Coinbase, the global cryptocurrency market’s largest brokerage and Bitcoin wallet platform with more than 10 mln users, has revealed its plans to integrate Segregated Witness (SegWit) in the short-term.On social media, the Coinbase team wrote “We're working on SegWit support and will have a public update soon,” adding that the company is hiring more Bitcoin developers to develop the Bitcoin


Bank Of France Governor: Bitcoin ‘Isn’t a Cryptocurrency’

Bank of France governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau has said that Bitcoin is not a currency - and not even a cryptocurrency.In remarks at a Beijing conference, Villeroy stressed the need for “clarity” on Bitcoin’s status, while introducing an unusual angle which so far has not surfaced as part of the mainstream narrative.“We need to be clear: Bitcoin is in no way a currency or even a crypt


20% Bitcoin Price Drop in Less Than 90 Mins: Just Another Day For Bitcoin

When the gates opened on Bitcoin’s post-Thanksgiving rally that saw it top $11,300 in a matter of days, everyone was queuing to get aboard the roller coaster as mainstream individual adoption seemed to be in full swing.Everything looked rosy as before the confetti had even settled on the $10,000 party the next cake was brought out with a brand new 11,000 candles on it. Wall Street was on bo


Bitcoin Not Threat to Global Economy, Says Bank of England

Bank of England Deputy Governor, Sir Jon Cunliffe, has claimed that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin poses no real threat to the global economy and financial institutions despite its current phenomenal performance in the market. The most famous digital currency has recently surpassed the $11,000 level as of late November 2017.In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Cunliffe reasoned out that Bitc


Ethereum Classic ‘Changes’ Boost Price to New All-Time Highs Over $30

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has rocketed in price to new all-time highs as the altcoin’s hard fork deadline next month nears.Following increased enthusiasm at a recent developer conference in Hong Kong, ETC hit $34 in trading Tuesday after news of “significant changes” became mainstream.The move represents near-50 percent growth in 24 hours, ETC’s best performance to date and a signal to trader


Samsung Wins Public Sector Blockchain Contract For Korean Gov’t

Samsung SDS has announced a lucrative agreement with the Korean government to create a new Blockchain technology-based platform for welfare, public safety and transportation by 2022. The hope is to increase transparency for the government services.  While the nation has banned ICOs, they have been embracing Blockchain technology. The need for technological change has become increasi

Nvidia Boosted By Latest Bitcoin High

A record-breaking fortnight for Bitcoin seems to have been a boon for GPU manufacturers as we enter a new week.Rivals Nvidia and AMD have had differing successes on the stock market in recent months, with the former enjoying far more success.A $2,000 rise in value for Bitcoin in as many weeks has seen Nvidia enjoy a two percent increase in their share price.Mining up a stormAs the likes