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BANKEX Developed Plasma-Like Protocol in 36 Hours at World’s Largest Ethereum Hackathon in Waterloo Mentored by Vitalik Buterin

ETHWaterloo, the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, concluded this weekend, on October 14th and 15th, in Waterloo, Canada. It turned out extremely informative and fascinating, and it demonstrated how much Ethereum has grown. Consider these facts: there are 50 thousand Ethereum developers in the world, 63% of central banks work with the technology, and, in 4 years of Ethereum, its cap is $30B.Et


Ethereum-Based Trading Platform Airswap Working with Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz, former hedge-fund manager at Fortress, will advise on new token-exchange platform AirSwap. Based on the Ethereum network, the project aims to provide users a digital coin swapping service. The idea to is to match buyers and sellers in a model similar to CraigsList, or GumTree in the UK. Novogratz told CNBC that he was:… fascinated to see the next wave of innovation in decent


The wild world of ICOs

Oct. 16, 2017By Chris Burniske and Jack TatarA new cryptoasset can be announced any number of ways: at conference; or on Twitter, Reddit, Medium, or Bitcointalk. It is important that the announcement is followed by a white paper containing details about the founders and advisory board, and that it clearly outlines the structure of the initial crowd-sale. It should be easy to contact the founding t


Blockchain Could Reduce Waste, Save US State Department Billions

US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan is encouraging the Department and its partners in the private sector to seriously study the possible integration of Blockchain technology into the agency’s operations. He proposed that the technology should be used to advance the agency’s diplomacy and development objectives.Sullivan gave his speech before members of other government agencies, private

STK Global Payments announces Global Advisory Board

STK Global Payments, creators of the STK token, is announcing their Global Advisory Team, four weeks ahead of its public Token Generation Event beginning on November 13, 2017.Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the STK token will enable users to transact with cryptocurrency in global markets and at brick-and-mortar stores in real-time.“STK will bridge the gap between the 22 trill

Singapore consortium yields DLT solutions for clearing, settlement of payments, securities

Oct. 9, 2017A consortium led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Association of Banks in Singapore has developed software prototypes of three models for decentralized interbank payment and settlements with liquidity savings mechanisms.According to a press release, the models are the result of phase two of Project Ubin, which explores the use of distributed ledger technology for clearing


‘Try Ethereum!’ Crypto Tells Goldman Sachs CEO ‘Thinking’ On Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has said he’s “still thinking” about Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency community suggests he “understands” Ethereum.In a rare tweet Tuesday, Blankfein said that when fiat currency displaced gold, consumers were “skeptical,” hinting Bitcoin may be in a similar position in 2017.“No conclusion - not endorsing/rejecting,” he wrote about the number one vi


How Blockchain Technology is Helping to Clean the Niger River

Ogoniland, situated off the coast of the Gulf of Guinea in southeastern Nigeria, is considered the most polluted region along the Niger Delta and among the worst in the world.Even though the Niger Delta is rich in resources, poverty, pollution and unemployment are rife. One of its primary resources is oil, and consequently, many companies take advantage of the region. According to the United Natio


IOHK Launches Cardano Blockchain; Ada Now Trading on Bittrex

So far, Ethereum has been the lead player in the smart contract platform space. Now a new competitor is steadily creeping into the game. And, in an interesting twist, the effort is being led by a former Ethereum CEO.Last week, blockchain development firm IOHK, led by Charles Hoskinson, launched Cardano, a new blockchain. And yesterday, Ada (ADA), the platform’s native cryptocurrency, began tradi


US State Department to Host Blockchain Forum on October 10

The US State Department will host a forum on Blockchain on Oct. 10. The event will take place in George C. Marshall Center, Washington, DC where various offices from the State Department and other parts of the US government, as well as those from the private sector, will join the one-day workshop organized by the Blockchain@State initiative.According to the group, the mission of the event is to "e