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Government Regulators Issue Strong Warnings On BTC Futures

Bitcoin futures are coming from a number of arenas, with recent announcements from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Tokyo Financial Exchange. However, in spite of the massive run up on Bitcoin in anticipation, US regulators are clear that they will keep very tight control over the market.According to statements from the Commodity Futures Trad


Three New Cryptocurrency Platforms That Help Monetize Your Time

The promise of a new economy built upon a decentralized government can offer a number of benefits to millions of people across the globe. More and more cryptocurrency platforms are being created to ensure faster, more secure payments, data protection, lower transaction fees and other advantages accessible to anyone who wishes to participate.  And as crypto platforms get more creative to


Bitfinex Margin Traders get Liquidated for no Reason

Cryptocurrency users on the Bitfinex exchange woke up to a nasty surprise. More specifically, a lot of margin traders have lost a good amount of money. Plenty of orders were liquidated at the bottom prices, although no one knows why. Some claim this is an error on behalf of the exchange, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed at this point. Rest assured a lot of users are not too happy about

Coingather Exchange Has Been Offline for Days and No One Knows Why

News Coingather, a tiny cryptocurrency exchange, has disappeared from the web, alarming customers who fear their funds are gone. The Coingather.com domain has been offline since Wednesday November 22, and with no word on Twitter from customer support, there are fears the site’s operators have pulled an exit scam.Also read: Trustless Payment Startup

Kraken CEO Apologizes for Site Issues as Bitcoin Exchanges Struggle to Meet Demand

Featured As cryptomania has swept the world in 2017, the influx of new users has caused bottlenecks at major exchanges. From server outages to lack of customer support, recurrent issues have tormented users, many of whom have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. In a Reddit post on November 20, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell apologized for the

FCA Issues Warning Regarding Cryptocurrency CFDs

Featured The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a warning aimed at retail investors who may be considering or soliciting cryptocurrency CFDs (contracts for difference). The U.K. regulator emphasized the risks associated with the price volatility, charges and funding costs, leveraged trading products, and price transpar


NextBlock CEO Alex Tapscott Cancels Plans to Go Public and Will Return Money to Investors

Alex Tapscott, CEO of NextBlock Global, a venture capital company investing in blockchain technologies, announced in a press release yesterday that he is canceling their plans to go public through a reverse takeover (RTO) of Nobelium Tech Corp., a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Tapscott said the young company had “stumbled” in falsely listing some crypto and blockchain exp


Securities and Exchange Commission Accuses Day Trader of Using Bitcoin to Hide Profits

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based day trader Joseph Willner for allegedly using the digital currency Bitcoin to hide his profits. In the case filed on Oct. 30, 2017, the accused has unlawfully taken over more than 100 brokerage accounts and used the victim's’ funds to artificially increase stock prices then trade against


Is Amazon Preparing to Integrate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

On November 1, various sources revealed Amazon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc., acquired three cryptocurrency-related domains including “amazonethereum.com,” “amazoncryptocurrency.com” and “amazoncryptocurrencies.com.”Coindesk: Amazon subsidiary registered three cryptocurrency domains. Is Amazon preparing to integrate #bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? 🚀

Bitcoin, Altcoin Exchange Bittrex Eyed With Suspicion Due to Thousands of Mysterious Account Closings

Cointelegraph recently began receiving complaints about the Bittrex exchange disabling users’ accounts for no apparent reason. One consistent theme in every complaint we’ve received is that users have attempted to open tickets and have even sought help on the exchange’s Slack, only to be ignored and banned, respectively.One user complained that he has six Bitcoin in his Bittrex account--over