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Bitcoin Trading Trends Exhibit Positivity amid Regulatory Uncertainities

After the news from China earlier this month, the entire future of cryptocurrency was cast into doubt – albeit briefly. The ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs), followed by news of exchanges shutting down was met by a widespread selloff. Whilst there was already evidence to suggest the beginning of a general correction prior to the September 4th, and 14th announcements, there is no doubting tha


Tracing 66,000 Bitcoins: What We Should Learn From BTC-e Story

Compliance-as-a-service company Coinfirm discusses the BTC-e situation and the 66,000 Bitcoins moved.According to Pawel Kuskowski, CEO & Co Founder at Coinfirm, right after the arrest of Alexander Vinnik, broadly referred to as the mastermind behind BTC-e, over 66,000 BTC were moved from 18f1yugoAJuXcHAbsuRVLQC9TezJ6iVRLp across the Bitcoin ecosystem.Bitcoin mixers could be going extinctVinni