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Survey Says 88% of Japanese Have Heard of Bitcoin

Featured A recent survey of 10,000 men and women across Japan shows that 88% of them have heard of bitcoin. Among those that have bitcoin, 47% said that they have used it in retail stores but long-term investment is most respondents’ main reason for purchasing bitcoin.Also read: Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region88% H


Major Financial Platforms are Adopting Bitcoin, What Happens by 2018?

Some of the world’s largest financial platforms and exchanges that support a variety of investors have started to adopt bitcoin at a rapid pace, providing sufficient liquidity and infrastructure around bitcoin and its market.Integration of Bitcoin by Major Financial PlatformsEarlier this week, CME, the global financial sector’s leading options exchange, officially announced that its bitcoin fu

Chinese Exchanges Seek Second Chance in Japan and Other More Crypto-Friendly Countries

News Following the crackdown by the Chinese government last month, bitcoin exchanges in China are looking to continue their businesses in cryptocurrency-friendly countries. Nineteen chinese companies are reportedly applying for a license to operate in Japan, while others are considering Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.Also read: Japan’s


Only one Japanese Exchange Will Effectively Trade Bitcoin Gold

No one can deny we have seen plenty of debates regarding Bitcoin Gold as of late. The bigger question is which service providers will effectively support this altcoin. Over in Japan, it seems the opinions are somewhat divided for the time being. bitFlyer plans to distribute and trade BTG, which is perhaps the most notable announcement Other platforms would like to wait and see how things play out.

Seven Japanese Bitcoin Exchanges Announce Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork Plans

Markets and Prices Seven of Japan’s leading bitcoin exchanges have announced their policies regarding the planned Bitcoin Gold hard fork of the Bitcoin network. The country’s largest exchange, Bitflyer, plans to distribute and trade the new cryptocurrency. Some exchanges will only distribute the coins, while others are taking a wait-and-see

JPY, USD, and KRW Accounts for Over 90% of Bitcoin Traded on Exchanges

Markets and Prices CNY to bitcoin trading now accounts for approximately only 1% of all bitcoin trade occurring on exchanges, according to cryptocompare data. The Chinese cryptocurrency crackdown has drastically altered the global composition of bitcoin markets. 60% of bitcoin trading currently occurs through Japanese markets, with the U.S. and South

Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launches Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card

Services Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume, Bitflyer, has launched its own reloadable Visa prepaid card. Customers can fund them using bitcoin through Bitflyer or other bitcoin wallets. The exchange is also giving away gifts to 1,000 customers during the launch period.Also read:Bitcoin Debit Cards Halt Service to Non-European Residents Due

GMO Enables Bitcoin Cash and Ether Trading With Promotional Discounts

News GMO Coin, a subsidiary of the Japanese Internet services giant GMO, has enabled bitcoin cash and ether trading, alongside bitcoin. To commemorate the event, the exchange has launched a promotional campaign for each coin.Also read: Russian Regulators Disagree on Crypto Regulation, Postpone to Next YearBCH and ETH Trading Now LiveGMO Internet

Regulations Push Chinese Bitcoin Volumes to OTC and Neighboring Countries

Markets and Prices Following the regulatory crackdown in China, bitcoin’s price has climbed back up 30 percent over the $4K zone since the market’s nosedive last Friday. Now China’s bitcoin trade volume has dropped to the fourth position globally as Japan has taken the reigns over the past two days. Chinese traders have once again tak

September’s Bitcoin Market Madness: When Panic Selling and FOMO Ensues

Markets and Prices On September 15, after a couple of Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges announced they were closing, bitcoin’s price dropped to a low of $2,970. Following this dip, BTC trade volumes began to surge as the price per bitcoin rose over $600 in less than an hour and during the course of the afternoon bounced back to a high of