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Bitcoin Gold Is About to Trial an ASIC-Resistant Bitcoin Fork

It’s forking season.AfterBitcoin Cash (Bcash) forked from the Bitcoin blockchain to create a new cryptocurrency (BCH), and ahead of theSegWit2X fork that may do the same thing, a third Bitcoin fork is in the making:Bitcoin Gold (Bgold; BTG). But where Bcash and SegWit2X are scaling-related forks — both mainly increase Bitcoin's block size limit — Bgold wants to re-decentralize mining by impl


A Large-Scale Project by Mining Equipment Manufacturers Allows Individuals to Buy into It

Development of the blockchain technology requires new solutions from the mining industry. Therefore production and technological giants join together, creating new large-scale bitcoin services and mining farms with the latest infrastructure to considerably increase the cryptocurrency generation capabilities. Individual miners won’t be able to compete with them, due to the sheer amount of process

Japanese Renewable Energy Provider Offers Low Flat-Rate Electricity for Crypto Miners

Mining Japanese renewable energy provider, Looop, has announced an electricity plan aimed at reducing costs for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners. The plan charges a flat monthly fee for electricity usage of up to a certain level in the Tokyo Electric Power Company service area.Also read: Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launche


The Last Day of LAT Token Sale. Don’t Miss the Chance to Join

Just 1 day is left until the end of LAT Token Sale – one of the biggest ICOs of this autumn. LAToken has already raised $18.5+ million from 11,000 contributors, becoming #1 among tokenization platforms.Bringing Real Assets onto BlockchainAlmost two months ago, LAToken tokenized Apple shares, making hard assets tradable in cryptocurrency for the first time in history. That day was the starting po


Just Released by Bitmain New Antminer L3+ Batch Is Sold out to Dealers

Mining farms owners understand the advantages offered by modern mining equipment with its high performance and reduced energy consumption characterstics. Therefore, they looked forward to the announcement of the entry of a new Antminer L3+ into the market, so that they can upgrade their farms.Bitmain released Antminer L3+ only in April-2017, it is sold as a limited edition offering — only to ord

Japan’s Finance Industry Embraces Bitcoin Mining

Mining Japan’s major players in the financial industry are eyeing bitcoin mining with a goal of generating new revenue. They also hope to help set the ground rules for using bitcoin. In early September Japan’s GMO and DMM.com said they were moving into the mining space. Both companies have started crypto and bitcoin exchanges. Also read:&nbs

GMO Enables Bitcoin Cash and Ether Trading With Promotional Discounts

News GMO Coin, a subsidiary of the Japanese Internet services giant GMO, has enabled bitcoin cash and ether trading, alongside bitcoin. To commemorate the event, the exchange has launched a promotional campaign for each coin.Also read: Russian Regulators Disagree on Crypto Regulation, Postpone to Next YearBCH and ETH Trading Now LiveGMO Internet

LAToken’s Brings Massive Expansion of Crypto Into Real Economy

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.Blockchain has already revolutionized many industries, from finance and security to e-gove

Markets Update: Bitcoin Price Consolidates After Last Week’s Volatility

Markets and Prices The price of bitcoin has started to trend upwards on Saturday, September 23, after a slight dip in value 24-hours prior. Currently, the price per BTC is roughly $3,775 at press time after rebounding from yesterday’s low of $3,510.Also read: GMO to Invest 10 Billion Yen in Its Own 7nm, 5nm and 3.5nm Dedicated Bitcoin Ch

Crypto Exchanges Are Being Closed in China, but the Production of Mining Equipment Is Gaining Momentum

The last one and a half years tendencies in cryptocurrency mining demonstrate that home farms have become completely outdated. Their profitability falls, and the equipment and electric power costs grow. Therefore analysts of the leading cryptocurrencies systems are sure that home farms amount will continue to be reduced and within one or two years even the toughest miners will have to say goodbye