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Scaling Bitcoin Releases This Year’s Program and a New Developer Bootcamp

Today, Scaling Bitcoin, the international engineering conference focused on Bitcoin and blockchain research, released its program for the 2017 edition. The conference, to be held in Stanford, California, in the first weekend of November, will also introduce a new side event this year: Bitcoin Edge, a bootcamp for starting Bitcoin developers.“The program is extremely interesting because it d


How Decentralized Exchanges Make Bitcoin More Resilient (and Us More Free)

Governments and central banks all over the world are gradually warming up to the idea of leveraging the unique advantages offered by blockchain technology — low-cost transactions permanently recorded in tamper-proof distributed ledgers — to modernize their financial systems.According to sources familiar with the matter, the Indian government is considering a proposal to introduce its own crypt


The Curious Case of Bitcoin’s “Moby Dick” Spam and the Miners That Confirmed It

The scaling debate has dominated the Bitcoin space for well over two years now. As a central issue, Bitcoin’s one-megabyte block size limit was often insufficient to include all transactions on the network. This ultimately led to the replacement of this block size limit for a block weight limit through SegregatedWitness, allowing for up to four megabytes of transaction data. And a group of Bitco

MMA Championships Use Bitcoin To Circumvent Censorship

Interview Bitcoin proponents often talk about the many benefits the decentralized currency can offer the world, and one of these attributes is bitcoin’s censorship resistance. This week news.Bitcoin.com chatted with, Firas Zahabi, a well known Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) grappling trainer from Canada who decided to use bitcoin as an incentiv