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Endor Introduces a New Dimension to Predictive Analysis Using Blockchain Technology

Predictive analysis is such an important concept that very big establishments such as Fortune 500 companies and tech-giants are known to invest heavily towards it. The ability to predict future trends effectively helps both individuals and businesses make successful plans and robust decisions within the ecosystems where they belong.So far, the existing systems that enable the acquisition of near a

Tezos Swiss Foundation Concept is “Old, Inflexible and Stupid”

Featured The drama from Tezos just keeps coming. A top attorney in the cryptocurrency space, once involved with setting up the Tezos Foundation, has issued sharp cautionary notes for those who wish to dabble within the burgeoning initial coin offering (ICO) market. Also read:Samourai Wallet Introduces Bitcoin via SMS Text Message for Censor

Samourai Wallet Introduces Bitcoin via SMS Text Message for Censorship Resistance

Wallets Bitcoin privacy wallet pioneers Samourai Wallet have announced a new proprietary app called Pony Direct, a transaction payment method (or to act as a relay) to send bitcoin via short message service (SMS), popularly used for texting. It’s a creative way to improve upon censorship resistance.  Also read:Ditch University and High Transac


Op Ed: Bitcoin’s Scaling Challenge Brings the Battle for Liberation of Cyberspace

This year brought a climax in the prolonged Bitcoin block size debate. Heated disputes over scaling that have become toxic in the ecosystem have overshadowed the technology. The cancelation of SegWit2x, the most controversial proposal in this cryptocurrency’s history, averted a potential catastrophe. Innovation moves on and the community is finding some time for reflection. What did this latest

Reddit’s /r/btc Reaches 100,000+ Subscribers in a Victory for Censorship Resistance

Featured Decentralization is a tool to attain censorship resistance. The more avenues for debate, the better. Bitcoiners around the world depend on forums such as the popular Reddit.com bulletin board for candid, behind the headlines examination. In a year of striking all-time-highs, the subreddit /r/btc reached 100,000 subscribers this week. Th

When will the internet become the Internet of Value?

Nov. 13, 2017By Andrei PovarovBlockchain is often associated with cryptocurrencies, and not without reason. Introduced in 2008 as the technical concept underlying bitcoin, blockchain now powers hundreds of virtual currencies.In doing so, blockchain has built a firm proof of concept for its functionality, which goes far beyond cryptocurrency-based financial transactions.When the internet started it


The Centralization Issue of Scaling Bitcoin Solely by Block Size Increase

A block size increase from 1 MB to 2 MB or even to 8 MB will likely not lead to the occurence of severe technical issues that could negatively affect the bitcoin blockchain in the long-term.But, as bitcoin and security expert Andreas Antonopoulos explained at the ‘Bitcoins in Bali’ meetup on June 27th 2017, if the block size gets increased in orders of magnitude at a rate that is proportional

Bitcoin Cash Drops From $2,800 to $1,300, What Lies Ahead in Long-Term

The Bitcoin Cash price has dropped from $2,800 to $1,300 in a matter of hours, as the price of bitcoin rebounded from $5,500 to $6,400.Many bitcoin experts including former Coinbase executive and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee stated that in the long-term, it is less likely that Bitcoin Cash would be able to compete with bitcoin due to its lack of infrastructure and developer activity.Lee stated:“


Three Ways To Be Wrong About Crypto-Tokens

I recently gave a talk to a clutch of enthusiastic crypto-investors in Indore, in central India. One gentleman, who was particularly knowledgeable got up to make some comments. “See, I feel that most of the other cryptos out there have no value. Ultimately it will all come down to Bitcoin and maybe Ethereum. In many ways what is happening now is just like the Dot Com rush. Valuations are everywh


Signal or noise?: Deciphering the value of cryptocurrencies

Do you frequently ask yourself, "Why is there a double coincidence of wants in asset exchange?" Do you often wonder, "What can the infinite blockchain computer do?" Have you always wanted to "Warp economic spacetime to create dynamic/evanescent/impossible/infinite organizations"?If so, you might want to look into blockchain startups Bancor, Dfinity and Economic Space Agency. They would like to int