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Ethereum and Waves to setup self-regulation

Recent clampdowns on ICOs by a number of nations, China being the most prominent, have been spurred by the need for more regulation. Currently trading in crypto-land can be a bit like going to the casino in the Wild West. There is no safety net and no regulation on ICOs; anyone can start something up. All you need is a flashy website, some smart looking business people in your team, a good concept


After Successfully Burning More Than 60 Million XVIA Tokens, VIABET Proceeds with The First Round of its Public Token Sale

VIABET – The blockchain-powered platform which acts as the technological launching pad that allows regular players as well as gaming companies to create and launch their own casino games. Has reported that it has successfully completed its first ever token burn on December 10th as part of the team’s long-term plan to raise the value of XVIA tokens.The VIA (XVIA) Token Burn StrategyHistorically

VIABET Reaches ICO Soft Cap in Less Than 24 Hours, Reveals Plans for Token Burn Strategy

The VIABET ICO team is glad to announce that it has reached its soft cap of 300 ETH and will continue to raise funds. 364 ETH were collected during the Pre-ICO stage, which has closed its doors to new investors November 21st.During the Pre-ICO stage, a limited portion of tokens were available for purchase with a 40% discount. The main ICO is scheduled for December 11th (6:00 PM UTC) giving its sup

Britain: Where You Can Bet on Bitcoin but Can’t Find a Bitcoin Exchange

News If buying bitcoin isn’t a big enough gamble, there’s another way to wager with it – by betting on which merchant will be next to accept the digital currency. One British bookmaker has released odds on a range of big brands accepting bitcoin including McDonald’s, Walmart, and Amazon. Factor in margin lending and futures trading, and there

A Few Ways to Claim Bitcoin Gold

Technology Lately, people have been talking an awful lot about bitcoin forks and how to claim them. One particular fork that took place on October 24 called, ‘bitcoin gold’ (BTG), has been a hot topic recently. As the network’s wallet and exchange support grows larger, people are trying to figure out ways to split their bitcoin (BTC), so they c

This Week’s All-Time High Brings Massive Bitcoin Exchange Outages

News November 29 was an exciting day if you were watching bitcoin prices swing back and forth with quite a bit of turbulence. The price of bitcoin touched an all-time high of $11,395 across global exchanges. Then, about an hour or so later, the price went down hard to a low of $9250 on some trading platforms. Although some exchanges had significant o

Trump’s Federal Reserve Nominee: Cryptos “Don’t Really Matter Today”

Featured President Donald Trump’s nominee for Chair of the Federal Reserve, current Board Governor Jerome “Jay” Hayden Powell, participated in the constitutionally mandated US Senate confirmation process by way of a hearing on 28 November 2017. Bitcoin and “cryptocurrencies are something we monitor very carefully,” Mr. Powell answered

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 million

Featured A rising tide floats all boats and a rising bitcoin inflates all domains. Stocks in graphics card manufacturers and crypto mining companies aren’t the only beneficiaries of the bitcoin bounce: BTC-themed web domains are also hot commodities. Sellers are asking hundreds of thousands of dollars for prime bitcoin domains, with some even price


Blockchain Developers’ Token Creation and Smart Contract Movement

New York entrepreneur Dean Anastos has a knack for creative ventures. He is a brain cancer activist known for the short films “The Assignment” and “Dear John McCain,” with several film projects in pre-production, such as “Maria Canje” (as well as the novel version, to be released soon) and “Ohneka,” a paranormal movie about a Native American vengeful spirit.Accordingly, he is curre


$81,000 Black Friday win on FaFa Twins!

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017– $81,000 was landed in a single spin at BitStarz on Black Friday!Black Friday has always been a fantastic day for finding discounted stuff, and everyone loves a great deal. At BitStarz, they can’t really put the slots in sale mode, but nevertheless, it turns out the popular slot FaFa Twins embraced this shopping day to the fullest!One lucky player decided to throw in a fe