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An Overview of Stable Crypto Tokens

The high volatility of digital currencies is the reason why using another digital coin as a unit of account is not the best idea. For example, Bitcoin’s price changed by 10 percent in one day, while Ethereum’s price changed by 20 percent in a single day several times. A stablecoin is an asset that has price stability characteristics making it suitable for use as a unit of account and store of


CommerceBlock: Bringing Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream with BIP175

While cryptocurrencies and a new world money order are an intriguing story, the main driver of value in the Blockchain economy will be the enterprise applications the Blockchain will host. Virtually all major companies and banks are exploring Blockchain applications to replace their current IT infrastructure.Blockchain startups are starting to come through the development pipeline, demonstrating t

XBT Provider Launches First Ethereum Exchange-Traded Notes

Markets and Prices The issuer of the world’s first bitcoin exchange-traded notes (ETN), XBT Provider, has announced the launch of the first ethereum ETNs. XBT Provider will launch two exchange-traded notes – Ether Tracker One (COINETH) and Ether Tracker Euro (COINETHE).Also Read: XBT Provider Fined by NasdaqXBT Provider Has Announced the Lau


Genesis Vision Will Make the Financial Market a Global One

Genesis Vision is the first private trust management platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The platform will unite the exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and transparent network, and create an automated ecosystem for investments and profit distribution.The main idea of the project is that every trader can be a manager attracting money and e


Capital investment, computer games, healthcare, travelling. What will be showcased in the exhibition area of ICO event London?

On October 11, an exhibition of promising ICO projects and companies that represent the crypto industry will take place in London. Exhibitors will include investment companies, medical services, brokerage service providers, representatives of the gaming industry, and various blockchain projects.Investments and crypto asset management The exhibition area will offer booths of investment companies, i


How Blockchain Technology Made It to Real Estate Business

Every now and then, we get reports of another old-fashioned industry embracing Blockchain and its innovations. Even though this parade is mostly led by IT-related industries, such as finance, social media or eSports, their more traditional peers seem to gain pace.There have been news suggesting that such cumbersome industries as logistics and advertisement gradually let Blockchain into their sacre


ETF: Sign Language for Crypto Medium

Cryptomania is conquering the world. While governments are trying to figure out what to do (surprisingly, there has not been any extraordinary international conference yet), investors actively switch to the new crypto reality. By the way, these are not institutional, but incidental, single investors: entrepreneurs with some spare assets, youngsters longing for something new, people with some exper

ETX Capital Deploys Bitcoin CFD Trading for Clients

Finance ETX Capital, A London-based FCA regulated brokerage, just embraced bitcoin. They now offer a full suite of bitcoin services and contracts for their clients. They decided to move into the bitcoin ecosystem as a result of high demand. Their clients were itching to experience exposure to the digital currency, and attempt to capitalize on its upw

Brazil’s Largest Brokerage Creates XP Bitcoin

Emerging Markets Brazil’s XP Investimentos signals its willingness to meet customer demand, filing patent on the brand XP Bitcoin. The move could legitimize bitcoin in the eyes of average Brazilian investors, despite the firm’s previous public protestations and warnings, bringing a Latin American powerhouse to the cryptocurrency marketplace.Folha


SEC Gets Tough on ICOs, Files Charges Against Two Projects

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies may appear to be flourishing on the outside, but there’s a lot of shady stuff going on behind the scenes. Last month, the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC in the U.S. managed to foil plans of a certain Maksim Zaslavskiy, who planned to defraud investors through two apparent Ponzi schemes disguised as initial coin offerings or ICOs.According t