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More Bitcoin Fork Clones on the Way: Bitcoin God Will Be Born Xmas Day

News It seems forking bitcoin has become a new cryptocurrency obsession lately as a myriad of bitcoin clones are joining the economy. Now two more bitcoin fork ‘snapshots’ seem to be on the horizon, called “Bitcoin God” and “Bcash”.Also read: Bitcoin-Based Ethereum Smart Contract and Sidechain Rival RSK LaunchesChandler Guo Wants to

Bitcoin Cash Markets Remain Resilient As the Network’s Upgrade Approaches

News It’s been a crazy week for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the digital asset ecosystem is still reeling over the canceled Segwit2x fork that was expected to take place on the Bitcoin network next week. Over the course of the past few weeks leading up to the planned 2MB Segwit2x hard fork, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) markets have doubled in value after ho


What the Fork is Going On: A Small Talk on Upcoming Bitcoin Fork

Bitcoin seems to have more forks than an Italian restaurant at the moment, each one spurring another blockchain and another version of the digital currency. Last week was the Bitcoin Gold fork, before that there was Bitcoin Cash, and next month an even bigger fork awaits the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.Segwit2x calls for a specific change to Bitcoin’s rules and protocols which would ma

A Simple Guide to What Bitcoin Forks Are and Why They Happen

Technology Right now people keep hearing about the pending fork scheduled for on or around November 16. Because software forks and blockchain splits can be a confusing subject, we want to explain just what a fork is and what it means for all the network participants involved. Also read: Preparing for the Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Step-by-Step W

Blockchain Announces Service Plans for Segwit2x

News One of the largest bitcoin wallet providers in the world, Blockchain, has announced its plans for the upcoming Segwit2x fork. After block 494784 takes place on the network, the firm has decided it will follow the chain with the most accumulated difficulty.Also read: Blockchain Wallet Adds the Ability to Exchange and Store EtherBlockchain:

Two South Korean Bitcoin Exchanges Announce Hard Fork Plans

Technology Two South Korean bitcoin exchanges, Coinone and Coinnest, have announced their policies regarding the upcoming hard forks of the Bitcoin network. The Segwit2x hard fork is planned for November and the Bitcoin Gold hard fork is scheduled for October 25.Also read:Preparing for the Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Step-by-Step WalkthroughCoinone’s Pol

Preparing for the Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Technology At the moment there are two forks planned for the Bitcoin network, and cryptocurrency proponents are curious about taking the best preparations. One fork is called Bitcoin Gold which is scheduled for October 25, while the other hard fork Segwit2x (BTC1) will take place roughly around mid-November or block height 494784.Also read:Putin Tell


First of Two Ethereum Metropolis Hard Forks Takes Place Tomorrow

Tomorrow is an important day in the history of Ethereum. As most people know, tomorrow will be the day on which the first hard fork of the Metropolis upgrade takes place. Unlike the previous big hard fork, there will be no currency or blockchain split this time. It’s an interesting milestone for Ethereum, as the quest to make this project more appealing is far from over. Once we hit block number

Markets Update: The Bitcoin Price Rocket Blasts Off Again

Markets and Prices As we predicted in our last markets update, bitcoin markets were behaving like a shaken can of soda — waiting to pop. The bitcoin price rocket started its ascent yesterday surpassing the $4,500 zone. Then the price of bitcoin blasted to a high of $4,865 just 24-hours later on October 9. As the fork(s) loom in the backdrop, m

Bitcoin Software Wars: The Case Against Replay Attack Protection

Technology The month of September is wrapping up, and the planned November Segwit2x (BTC1) hard fork is steadily approaching. According to the BTC1 roadmap, a block between 1MB and 2MB in size will be generated by miners raising the block size limit at block height 494,784. Over the past few months, Core developers and supporters have been vehemently