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$6k Bitcoin Price Almost Comes True as Forks Flounder, Investors Hold

Bitcoin has posted further all-time highs of almost $5800 after climbing $1000 in 24 hours.Beginning Thursday, a price surge gained momentum to take the Bitcoin BTC chain over $5000 for the second time in history.When resistance came at $5200, prices remained above the significant boundary before continuing to new heights never before seen. BTC posted a new high of $5798 in the early hours of Frid

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Price Peaks Past $5800 Across Global Exchanges

Markets and Prices The price of bitcoin has finally surpassed the $5K territory after a few teases this past spring and summer. During the earlier hours of October 12, bitcoin’s market value spiked past the $5,000 range and has reached an all-time high of $5846 per BTC across popular global exchanges. Bitcoin’s pathway to $6K is within sight.&nbs

Cryptomania? Hardware Wallet Makes No.8 On Amazon Bestseller List

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger Nano S has made the top ten bestselling items in Amazon’s computers and accessories department. The wallet, costs just under $80 on Amazon.com, currently stands at number 8 in the retail giant’s listings.Ledger beats major rivals such as Trezor and KeepKey, which came in at 133 and 231 in the rankings respectively.The findings caught the attention of the c

Coinbase Reveals its 2x Fork Plans

News Another large bitcoin exchange in the industry, Coinbase, has announced an update concerning the upcoming Segwit2x hard fork. The San Francisco-based trading platform and wallet provider follows the recent Bitfinex announcement detailing plans for a possible bitcoin split.Also read: An Inside Look at Genesis Block — Hong Kong’s New Cryp

The History of Bitcoin.com: An Introduction to Our New Company Blog

Announcements This introductory post can be found at our new company blog where you can find the latest announcements from the Bitcoin.com team. Check out our blog today! This September is our two year anniversary operating Bitcoin.com — the world’s most interactive web portal dedicated to educating the world about the technological i

Bitcoin Software Wars: Discussions Heat Up as November Hard Fork Approaches

Technology September is almost over, and the Segwit2x plan to hard fork the network’s block size to 2MB is approaching quickly. Because time is running out the topic is once again heating up, as some New York Agreement (NYA) signatories have removed themselves from the list, with arguments between users and industry members continuing to


How Bitcoin Could Free Catalonia From Spain’s Dictate

On October 1st, Catalan nationalists plan to hold a referendum on leaving Spain, and to declare independence if they win. However, a recent article from BBC indicates that the “Gobierno de España” will seize Catalan finances in the next 48 hours if the ‘illegal’ referendum vote is not brought to a halt immediately. This situation has brought Bitcoin into the spotlight as a potential solut


Blockchain.info Partners With Unocoin to Enter Indian Market

Global digital currency software developer Blockchain.info announced in September 2017 that it has partnered up with Unocoin in its bid to enter the Indian market. This could be a valuable partnership, since Unocoin is among the biggest virtual currency platforms in India.According to Blockchain co-founder and President Nicolas Cary, India has effectively transformed to become one of the fastest g

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Launching Bitcoin Mining with 7nm Chips

Technology Japan’s leading internet conglomerate and bitcoin exchange operator GMO has announced that it is expanding into the businesses of bitcoin mining and chip manufacturing. The company revealed plans to produce and sell 7nm semiconductor chips and run a mining facility in Northern Europe.Also read: GMO Releases Details of Bitcoin

Internet Archive and Overstock to ‘Hodl’ More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations

News Many merchants and non-profit groups accept bitcoin these days, but some of them convert the digital currency into fiat reserves immediately after receiving bitcoin; oftentimes to avoid volatility. However, two well-known organizations, Overstock.com and the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) recently revealed in their earnings report