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200,000 Unconfirmed Transactions Pile Up in Another Crazy Day for Bitcoin

Markets and Prices Exchanges overloaded. DDoS attacks. Huge price spikes, flash crashes, and order cancellations. Over 200k transactions queued, some for more than 24 hours, in the mempool – despite paying high fees. Just another crazy day in bitcoin, a land where every day seems to be wilder than the last, including higher highs, bigger swings, an


It’s A Wonderful Life for Bitcoin Evangelist as Community Expresses Its Gratitude

In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the 1940s Christmas classic, George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) is the guiding force of a small-town bank, who ends up sacrificing his own dreams for the betterment of his community. Ultimately, facing financial ruin, he begins to question what it was all for. That is when his friends appear, one by one, with a flurry of donations, reminding him of how he tou

World Bitcoin Community Showers the Great Explainer Antonopoulos With Love and $700,000+

Featured Andreas Antonopoulos announced publicly he’d paid down his debt and could finally get to the business of fully participating in the monetary movement he helped cultivate. This, in turn, caused some to remind others about the prudence of getting-in early when it comes to crypto assets. Mr. Antonopoulos further clarified his plight, detailin

Bitfinex Slaps a Lawsuit on Its Nemesis as the Tether Squabble Gets Ugly

Featured Bitfinex has come out fighting after weeks of being on the backfoot. The bitcoin exchange, which has parried stinging accusations from the anonymous critic Bitfinex’ed, has had enough and called in the high-priced lawyers. Steptoe & Johnson is the company tasked with tracking down anyone perceived to have libeled the Hong Kong-based ex

Is a hard fork the answer for the bitcoin blockchain?

In previous stories, Blockchain Tech News looked at two potential forks for the blockchain: Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x. Bitcoin Gold went on to create its own alternative to bitcoin, only to suffer a major setback due to a wallet hack that cost users $3.3 million.The launch of SegWit2x, on the other hand, was halted by its creator due to a major outcry against it by the bitcoin community. With thes


Major Wallet Vulnerability Revealed As User Barely Reclaims 9 BTC

An anonymous Pastebin user claimed to have discovered evidence that some Bitcoin wallet software can generate private keys that can be easily identified and hacked.The reveal comes after another person has made a Reddit post describing how they lost nine BTC due to a transaction error on the Blockchain.info wallet service.The Pastebin user, however, didn't reveal the specific wallet software that

How to Calculate Bitcoin Transaction Fees When You’re in a Hurry

Featured Calculating transaction fees is like riding a bike or rolling a cigarette: simple when you know how, but frustratingly complex otherwise. UX improvements over the last few years have made bitcoin easier than ever to send and receive, but fee calculation is still something of a dark art. The following resources make fee calculation a doddle.S


NAGA Flourishes at the Epicenter of Blockchain’s Digital Disruption

Blockchain technology’s disruptive force in business and commerce has been well documented. With strong momentum ensuing from its beginnings as the foundational technology supporting Bitcoin, distributed ledger technology shows great promise in terms of its potential impact on the future of our planet. One emerging enterprise at the nexus of these developments is The NAGA Group AG, a German


The Next Frontier in Blockchain Technology: Scaling and Commercial Optimization

Every successful startup at one point or another faces a turning point in its history. This turning point, whether a challenge, conflict, or opportunity, oftentimes becomes the defining moment for the startup’s leadership team. How will they respond? What steps need to be taken? What is the game plan to get from point A to point B? These questions are vital, and investors and board members deman

Blockchain Wallet Will Add SegWit, Full Bitcoin Cash Support By 2018

Cryptocurrency wallet provider Blockchain (formerly Blockchain.info) has announced it will add SegWit and full Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support.A tweet by CEO Peter Smith Wednesday confirmed the near-term roadmap for the popular wallet, which already supports Ethereum (ETH) in addition to Bitcoin (BTC) with limited BCH functionality.#BitcoinCash (full support in December) and #SegWit coming up next