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CoinHoarder Steals Over $50 Million in Cryptocurrencies Using Google Ads

According to a report published Wednesday, February 14th by Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group, a team of Ukrainian hackers dubbed CoinHoarder has stolen more than $50 million in cryptocurrency from users who were under the impression they were accessing Blockchain.info, one of the most popular providers of virtual currency wallets.The report details how thieves preyed on their victims using a sim


Cisco Cybersecurity Team Cracks $50 Million Ukrainian Hacker Ring

For years Ukrainian hackers have preyed on bitcoin investors, emptying wallets and then hiding behind the inherent anonymity of the encrypted blockchain.$50 million in stolen cryptocurrencyNow Cisco has exposed a notorious Ukranian hacker ring known as Coinhoarder (very subtle) possibly responsible for thefts equaling more than $50 million from Blockchain.info over many years.According to a r


The Electrum Personal Server Will Give Users the Full Node Security They Need

The Electrum Personal Server promises a resource-efficient, secure and private way to use bitcoin with hardware and software wallets, connected to full nodes. Developed by open-source programmer Christian Belcher, best known for his contributions to JoinMarket, the Electrum Personal Server directly addresses vulnerabilities with the popular Electrum Bitcoin wallet, while sparing users the signific

Meet the Man Who Introduced Roger Ver to Bitcoin

Cointelegraph got a chance to sit down and talk with Mark Edge, the man who introduced Roger Ver to Bitcoin and the host of Free Talk Live radio. It was hard to miss Mark at the North American Bitcoin Conference, he was dressed in full garb and looked as if he could be a stunt-double in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But unlike Monty Python, Mark is no joke.Mark’s Free Talk Live is one of the

Binance Refutes Accusations Of Hack With The Power Of Blockchain

Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges by trading volume according to CoinMarketCap, has had to continuously refute accusations of a hack since their exchange has unexpectedly  gone offline due to server issues.The time offline was supposed to only last for several hours, but, similarly to the extended Kraken downtime of over two days in January, Binance has since announced that they wi


Twitter Account of Prolific Bitfinex and Tether Critic Suspended

The Twitter account of “Bitfinex’ed,” the pseudonymous online critic of the world’s largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, was suspended today. The blogger says his tweets were being reported and his account was being spammed withhundreds of thousands of fake followers, and he thinks Bitfinex is behind it. (Bitfinex nor its public relations firm, 5W, immediately responded to a reques

The Solution to the World’s Most Toughest Bitcoin Puzzle Is as Clever as Its Creator

News Last week, an enigmatic and fiendishly tricky puzzle that had baffled bitcoiners for years was finally solved. In the process, it earned the individual who cracked it a 5 BTC jackpot and brought new acclaim to the team behind the project. After being launched in 2015, at the height of the bitcoin bear market, the puzzle attracted a flurry of int

A Look At Service Providers and Tools Supporting the New BCH Cashaddr Format

Technology This past January the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers and community began implementing a new address format called ‘Cashaddr.’ The new protocol serialization makes BCH addresses distinct from other cryptocurrency formats in order to reduce user error, and the change also bolsters some future network functionalities as well. Over the past


Bitcoin Transaction Fees Are Pretty Low Right Now: Here's Why

The relatively high transaction fees on the Bitcoin network were a major topic of conversation last year, but these fees have been plummeting so far in 2018. According to data from CoinMetrics, bitcoin miners are now collecting less than a third of the value they were collecting in fees at one point in December 2017.So what’s causing this decline in the costs of on-chain transactions? Is it as s

Hong Kong Fund Acquires Chinese Mining Powerhouse BTCC

News On January 29 the longstanding Chinese bitcoin company BTCC has announced it was acquired by a Hong Kong-based investment fund. The company explains its pivoting away from China so the business can grow more “aggressively” in 2018.Also read: AIER Researchers: Bitcoin’s Price Moves with NewsA Hong Kong Investment Fund Acquires BTCCThe