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Jimmy Song: Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Demonstrate Real Value of Developers

Jimmy Song, a prominent Bitcoin developer and the principal architect behind Paxos, has recently stated that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin demonstrate the real value of developers and developer activity.Earlier this year, Ivey Business School professor JP Vergne revealed in a study that the best indicator and predictor of the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is the amount of developer activity ar


Bitcoin, Dash Can Now Be Spent at 40 Million Stores Worldwide, Thanks to Wirex Debit Card

Digital currency could quite possibly be transformative, providing a paradigm shift in the world’s interactions with money and finance. As Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain, recently blogged:“[Bitcoin] essentially rolls gold, cash, and our credit card system into one. It takes the strengths of each and leaves the weaknesses behind. It has the limited supply quality of gold, but can be used to purchase


Editorial: Ars Technica Just Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin, Says Forks Have Split Network in Half

Expecting mainstream media coverage of Bitcoin’s surge past $5,000, today I browsed over to one of my favorite news websites: Ars Technica. I was sorely disappointed at what I found, and at the fact that the preeminent tech news site simply doesn’t “get” Bitcoin.Why and whereforeThe piece by Ars Technica immediately begins by questioning the reason behind Bitcoin’s high price, first spec


Bitcoin Gold Is About to Trial an ASIC-Resistant Bitcoin Fork

It’s forking season.AfterBitcoin Cash (Bcash) forked from the Bitcoin blockchain to create a new cryptocurrency (BCH), and ahead of theSegWit2X fork that may do the same thing, a third Bitcoin fork is in the making:Bitcoin Gold (Bgold; BTG). But where Bcash and SegWit2X are scaling-related forks — both mainly increase Bitcoin's block size limit — Bgold wants to re-decentralize mining by impl


China’s ICO Ban Puts GigaWatt In Unique Territory

China has long been a dominant player on the global Bitcoin map. By 2016 over 90% of Bitcoin’s global trading volume took place there. Moreover, mining operations were in abundance due to China’s cheap electricity. It is no coincidence that Bitmain, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer, is a Chinese company.While China still dominates crypto mining and mining equipment m


Mining Gets Real in Underground Soviet Bunker

Thanks to some of the cheapest electricity around, the fact that their mining farm stays naturally cold, and that it is based in a former Soviet military bunker, Ice Rock Mining think they have cracked the perfect space to mine.However, the company is looking to be more than a self-contained super mine, they are offering investment opportunities, as the Soviet Bunkered farm launches an ICO.A meeti


Just Released by Bitmain New Antminer L3+ Batch Is Sold out to Dealers

Mining farms owners understand the advantages offered by modern mining equipment with its high performance and reduced energy consumption characterstics. Therefore, they looked forward to the announcement of the entry of a new Antminer L3+ into the market, so that they can upgrade their farms.Bitmain released Antminer L3+ only in April-2017, it is sold as a limited edition offering — only to ord


2x or NO2X: Why Some Want to Hard Fork Bitcoin — and Why Others Do Not

NO to more security tradeoffsSegWit2x opponents generally agree that increasing Bitcoin’s block size comes with a number of tradeoffs.For one, bigger blocks increase resource requirements for operating a full node, such as more bandwidth use, longer sync time for new nodes and more. This increases the cost for individual users to partake in the network in a trustless and therefore optimally secu


Will Bitcoin Gold Return Power to Ordinary Users?

Before the dust has even settled on Bitcoin’s civil war, which saw an acrimonious disagreement about how Bitcoin should handle its scaling debate, the major digital currency could be splitting again.Bitcoin Cash was threatened, laughed off, created, boomed, and them fizzled out as Bitcoin carried on its merry mooning way, now with more capacity because of SegWit. Bitcoin Cash was the alternative

Chinese Exchange to Launch Platform Based Outside of the Country

News Chinese cryptocurrency exchange ViaBTC has announced its plans to launch a trading platform based outside of China. The decision to establish an overseas-based platform follows announcements that the exchange will shut down operations in mainland China on September 30th.Also Read:Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Executives Allegedly Must Remai