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BitJob Partners with Bitcoin Brains for ATM Access

BitJob, the first global marketplace for student employment to be built on the blockchain, has announced a new collaboration with Canadian bitcoin brokerage Bitcoin Brains. The partnership will leverage the student community, which BitJob aims to engage in cryptocurrency-related employment, to expand the country’s network of bitcoin ATMs and introduce a new generation of people to the benefits o


Industrial Revolution 2.1: How Blockchain Can Finish What the Internet Started

People often make the mistake of thinking that the Industrial Revolution (the catalyst for modernity and the driving force behind geopolitics to this day) was a phenomenon that took place all at once, in a vacuum, around the world. In fact, it took decades for inventions like the steam engine and cotton gin to spread, improve their functionality, and make a major impact in the lives of everyday pe

BitJob Announces Partnerships with Leading Academic Institutions

BitJob, the blockchain platform that aims to create a global marketplace for student employment, is off to a flying start in both its university partnerships and its token pre-sale.Crypto employmentThe project is designed to connect university students with employment opportunities within the digital currency sector, and will shortly be holding its crowd fund. However, even before the formal launc