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Leaked Documents, Withheld Funds, and Altcoin Pumps: Bittrex Faces Increasing Scrutiny

News Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks. A Russian Telegram channel indicates that a customer was accidentally forwarded passport documentation and other sensitive data for users of the exchange in an email generated by the exchange. Also, a number of Iranian traders are complaining that they

Meet ‘Cash Shuffle’, the Privacy-Centric Protocol for Bitcoin Cash

Technology This week a new bitcoin cash (BCH) based protocol has been released that aims to add privacy capabilities to BCH transactions. The software, called Cash Shuffle, enables BCH users to obfuscate their transactions by combining funds with other Cash Shuffle users.Also read: Bitflyer CEO Says Japan and Leverage Is Leading Bitcoin Markets

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Value Climbs After Cboe Opens XBT Trading

Markets and Prices Bitcoin’s value has been climbing since the recent opening of Cboe’s futures markets. The spot price of BTC had dipped a good 3 percent an hour prior to Cboe’s Sunday evening trading sessions, but volume immediately spiked at precisely 6 pm ET when the futures trading opened. At the moment bitcoin is hovering around the $15,7

Bitcoin Analysis December 11, 2017

News BTC Bitcoin Analysis December 11BTC/USDBitcoin has been extraordinarily volatile over the last couple of trading sessions, and yesterday saw a massive divergence and pricing as at one point there were differences of several thousand dollars depending on which exchange you are on. However, looking at the charts it appears that we are ready to continue going higher, and at this point I think th

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Price Jumps to an All-Time High Above $11,300

Markets and Prices The price of bitcoin continues to rise after our previous price report yesterday afternoon. At the time bitcoin’s price smashed through the $10,000 region across global exchanges. The BTC rocket ship’s engines kept on going reaching an all-time high of $11,395 during the early morning hours of November 29.See also: How to

Bitflyer Launches Its New Cryptocurrency Exchange for US Customers

Markets and Prices Bitflyer, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is muscling in on U.S. territory after securing a highly coveted Bit License. Just three of the licenses have previously been awarded, which entitle a company to operate a bitcoin exchange within New York. The Japanese exchange will now roll its services out to customers in a


Japanese Bitcoin Exchange bitFlyer Now Licensed in the U.S.

Tokyo-based bitFlyer has become the fourth digital currency exchange to receive approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) for a “BitLicense” to operate as a virtual currency exchange in New York. This brings the total number of states in which bitFlyer is licensed up to 40.The bitFlyer platform has over 30 percent of the worldwide bitcoin exchange volume and mor

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bulls Set Their Sights for the $10,000 Target

Markets and Prices The price of bitcoin has grown significantly since our last price report when BTC surpassed US$9,000 per token. Now the cryptocurrency is setting its sights on the $10,000 target just two days later as the price has been hovering around $9,850-9,950 over the past six hours. Bitcoin has already touched the $10K mark on a few exchang


One Bitcoin is Worth Over 1 Million Japanese Yen

A lot of people are keeping a close eye on the Bitcoin price right now. For most users, surpassing the $10,000 mark is a major event. However, Bitoni has already surpassed the 1 million price in a different currency. Not the Argentine Peso or any other weak currency, mind you. Instead, one Bitcoin is worth over 1 million Japanese Yen. An interesting feat, given Japan’s position in the world of c

Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies See Volatile Prices After Canceled Fork

Markets and Prices The price of bitcoin (BTC) has been on a bearish run over the past 72 hours, after reaching $7,900 the day the Segwit2x fork was ”canceled”. Since then bitcoin’s market cap has shaved off over $20B, and the price per BTC is hovering just above the $6,475 range. Moreover, while bitcoin has been dipping, at the same time bitcoi